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Bank Of America

No description

Mackenzie Bookamer

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Bank Of America

Bank Of America
Market Close and Mean
Each day, Bank of America had a market close that was consistent to the mean, $15.46. Wells Fargo's, however, could vary as much as $4.00 from the mean, $47.62. Although Wells Fargo's market close was higher, they had much more variation in the price. Bank of America had a lower market close, but was consistent to the mean.
Change in Market
The change in market was a major asset to both corporations. Bank of America had more increases than decreases in market, and the decreases were significantly lower than the increases. Wells Fargo, however, had the same amount of increases and decreases with the decreases being significantly larger.
The M.A.D. can tell the variability from the mean and can tell a lot about how much the stock price changes. Bank of America has a lower M.A.D., meaning it has a better rate of having a return on your investment. Wells Fargo has a higher M.A.D., meaning a return on your investment is hazy.
A Representation of Data
The Corporation
Bank of America is a bank that has its
headquarters in Charlotte. It provides finan-
cial stability and jobs for people around the
United States.

The Stock: Over the course of a year, Bank
of America's stock has both increased and
The Competitor~ Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo is a bank that has its
headquarters in San Francisco. Wells Fargo
bought Wachovia Bank in 2008.

The Stock: Throughout the course of the
year, Wells Fargo's stock has increased
and decreased in an equal way.
Why Should You Buy?
Bank of America is a better corporation than Wells Fargo. Although Wells Fargo has stocks selling for more, their change in market is worse. They have the same amount of increases and decreases, with the decreases being greater. Due to this, their market has been less stable than Bank of America's. Also, Bank of America has less variation, or M.A.D. This means the market is more stable than Wells Fargo's. A more stable stock means a greater chance of getting a return on your money. Overall, Bank of America is a better corporation to invest in because it is more stable.
By: Mackenzie Bookamer
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