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NetBoss Product Overview

No description

NetBoss Sales

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of NetBoss Product Overview

We are Service Assurance Experts!

We solve problems…your problems!

We provide “A Complete Solution” for Communications Service Providers!

We provide any or all of these as part of our complete solution:
Fault Management Products
Performance Management Products
Service Assurance Products
Operational Support Systems (OSS) Products
Turnkey Operational Support Systems (OSS) Solutions

What Do We Do?

Service Assurance - Solutions

Umbrella Performance Management:
Covers the complete network end-to-end
Active events and Time sequence
Traffic flows, Call Detail Record (CDR), etc
Provides SQM capability and some SLA
Dashboard driven UI

SLA Management with Topology SIA:
With the rapid growth of backhaul and Ethernet services, do you have the visibility you need into the performance and availability of your services?
Your executives, business and operations team, and even your customers need to get timely and accurate SLA reports, proactive alerts before outages occur, and Service Impact Analysis of incidents

NOC Consolidation (Telco, IT and all services):
Network Operations Center (NOC) is now a Service Operations Center (SOC)
Service Assurance Management
Open, standards based architecture facilitates integration with other OSSs
Have a library of possible elements for a centralized system
If elements do not exist have a clear way to create these elements without a huge learning curve

Executive Dashboards (for KPI/KQI summary):
Show information in a manner such that a determination of the status of the network can almost instantly be made
Simple enough to be easy to use and still show all necessary information
Allow for deeper diagnostics (via drilldown) to be done
Display past data to aid in viewing the history/health of device
Create a layout/interface usable regardless of tech/software experience
Allow for viewing on any screen (smart phone, iPad, desktop, NOC TV)
Integrate with all performance and fault monitoring tools

Service Assurance - Solutions

Onet (Nigeria)
Orange - Jordan Telecom Group (Jordan)
Prestel (Nigeria)
PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Indonesia)
Radiomovel (Portugal)
RAI (Italy)
Safaricom Ltd. (Kenya)
Saudi Electric Company (Saudi Arabia)
SNR Radio Communicatii (Romania)
Starcomms Limited, Nigeria (Nigeria)
Tanzania Telecommunications Co, Ltd (Tanzania)
Telemobil S.A. (Romania)
Tigo Laos (LAOS P.D.R)
TransCo (Philippines)
VT Communications (United Kingdom)
Wataniya Telecom (Kuwait)
Zain Kuwait (Kuwait)
Zain Nigeria (Nigeria)

Batelco (Bahrain)
Broadband Philippines (Philippines)
Bulgaria MOD (Bulgaria)
China RailCom (China)
du (UAE)
Gazprom transgaz Moskva (Russia)
Indosat 3G Indonesia (Indonesia)
INFO-QUEST S.A. (Greece)
Lucent Egypt (Egypt)
Maxis (Malaysia)
Melita Cable Plc (Malta)
Meralco (Philippines)
Mobifon S.A. (Romania)
MTN Cote d'Ivoire (Cote D'Ivoire)
MTN Nigeria (Nigeria)
MTN Zambia (Zambia)
Netia Telekom S.A. (Poland)
Nokia Telkomsel 3G Indonesia
Norkring Telenor (Norway)
Oman Ministry of Defense (Oman)

Customers—Central & Latin America
Metro Net S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico)
Nextel Argentina S.R.L. (Argentina)
Nextel S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Nextel Telecomunicacoes LTDA (Brazil)
Pemex (Mexico)
Porta (Ecuador)
RBS Brazil (Brazil)
Telcel (Mexico)
Telecom Argentina (Argentina)
Telecom Colombia (Colombia)
Telefonos del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Telmex Argentina (Argentina)
Telmex Mendoza Police (Mexico)
TGN (Transportadora de Gas Del Norte S.A.) (Argentina)
Tigo Comcel - Guatemala (Guatemala)
Tigo Telemovil - El Salvador (El Salvador)
Uninet (Mexico)

Alestra S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico)
Avantel, S.A. (Mexico)
Axtel S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico)
C4S (Honduras)
Cable & Wireless - Cayman Island (British West Indies)
CFE (Mexico)
Claro - Chile (Chile)
Claro CO - Brasilia (Brazil)
Claro MG - Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Claro NE - Recife (Brazil)
Claro RJ - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Claro RS - Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Claro SP - Campinas (Brazil)
Compania de Telefonos del Interior S.A. (Argentina)
Entel Nicaragua (Nicaragua)
Global Crossing - Argentina (Argentina)
Global Crossing - Colombia (Colombia)
Iusacell (Mexico)

Customer Experience Management (CEM):
What do the customers see? How do they experience the service?
Typically CEM solutions require a combination of hardware & software probes
The goal is to be able to see things from the customer’s prospective and as a result foster customer loyalty

Service Quality Management (SQM):
Taking lower level performance indicators and tying them together to make Key Quality Indicators of the service
The customer’s perception of a delivered service

Quality of Experience (QoE):
Measure of all aspects of the customers experience with the CSP
Service availability and quality, billing, service delivery and touch points
Correlation between internal network faults and those customers who are affected help identify those VIP clients and enterprise customers affected.
Where commercial SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are in place, prioritization and tracking of faults can be achieved.

Service Assurance - Solutions

Iowa Network Services, Inc.
Jackson EMC
Kansas City Power & Light
Kentucky Wireless Information Services
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles Police Department
MBO Video, LLC
Mississippi Educational Network
MTA Metro-North Railroad
New Hampshire State Police
New York City Department of Correction
NiSource Inc.
Norfolk Southern
North Dakota State Police

Customers—North America

An active supporter and participant in open industry standards & processes
Track key standards bodies in OSS-Network Management

Committed to Standards and Excellence

Company Success Factors

Extensive Industry Experience

Hundreds of Projects Worldwide

Some of our Key Customers

…congestion and dropped calls are poor service!

…high QUALITY customer experience is a must!

…services will connect people in new ways, ANYWHERE…

What matters is the SERVICE…

Cummunications Service Provider
“Business Priorities”

Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and retain existing Customers
Maximize profitability for existing and new customers
Enhance the quality of each customer experience
Rapidly deliver new revenue streams through service innovation

Service Assurance
Trends – Challenges - Actions

NetBoss Company Profile
Focus and Freedom of Action
Clear Mission & Vision
Customer-First Philosophy
Multi-vendor, Multi-Protocol, Multi-Service Solutions
Knowledge & Experience
Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions
Comprehensive Customer Service
Global Perspective
Focused on Network/Element Management & Service Assurance solutions
Over 20 years Experience and Knowledge in OSS market
Comprehensive solutions for efficient operations
Owned or Cloud based configuration
* HQ in Sebastian, Florida USA

American Electric Power
Arkansas State Police
Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
BNSF Railway Company
Bonneville Power Administration
Broadwing Communications
City & County of Honolulu
City of Phoenix
Contra Costa County
Enterprise Products
Fidelity Communications
Florida Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
Global Crossings

NTS Communications
One Communications Corp.
Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
PAETEC Communications Inc.
Prince William County
PSEG Services Corporation
RCN Telecom Services, Inc.
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
South Florida Water Management District
Southeast Ohio EMS District
State of Utah
Syniverse Technologies, Inc.
Tampa Electric Co.
Verizon Wireless
Windstream Communications

What do we mean by “A Complete Solution”?

A Complete Solution is:
Turnkey implementation
Implementation services
Support services

Mobile Internet Traffic will surpass Fixed Internet Traffic this year!

How do you consolidate view at device, network, service and customer layers?
How do you prioritize?
customer / revenue impact
How do you perform intelligent Root Cause Analysis?
Can your current infrastructure handle new services?

Focus on customer quality
Launch innovative new services
Replace legacy OSS/BSS
Embrace new frameworks such as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
Drive convergence of Fixed / Mobile and Telco / IT / Media

Most comprehensive Service Assurance to:
Reduce operational costs
Accelerate time to market
Improve service quality
Enhance the customer experience

Consolidation of Telco, IT and all services into one NOC
Executive Dashboards
Umbrella Performance Management
SLA management with Topology Service Impact Analysis (SIA)
Managing Legacy and Next Generation Networks

Operations & Mgmt Reporting

Fault Management
NetBoss XT

NetBoss XT Architecture

NetBoss Agents
High Availability

NetBoss Technologies, Inc. © Copyright 2014. Confidential


Built-in Reporting

External help systems

Wiki pages

Web links

Troubleshooting trees

Element information

External applications

Custom Actions and

Fault Management / Network Management
NetBoss XT Operations

NetBoss XT Principal Components

NetBoss XT - The NOC's Lifeline
Based on OSS/J JSR-91
Open standards-based integration with industry leading trouble ticking solutions such as Remedy’s Action Request System (ARS)

Utilizes Web Services Integration Profile for SOA integration

Automatically open trouble tickets
Utilizing Policy Management rules
Minimizes the Time To Repair for Service Impacting alarms

Quickly identify which issues are currently being addressed in on-going trouble tickets within NetBoss XT

Integrated Trouble Ticket Interface

NetBoss XT Operations Controller

Can your current network detect Fault issues?
Multi-vendor, multi-service, multi-protocol
Flexible and scalable end-to-end network and resource management solution
Monitor legacy/next-generation network infrastructure and services in one view
Streamline operational network event detection and fault isolation.
Open, standards based architecture facilitates integration with other OSSs

Consolidated Network
NetBoss XT Operations Console
Access NetBoss XT and associated OSS systems

NetBoss XT Operations Modeler
Configure the monitored network and its elements

NetBoss XT Operations Controller
Manage the network status and performance

XT Agent Development Environment

Define networks:
Partition by technology, geography, customer, etc.
Represent network in a meaningful way to NOC operators

Deploy devices:
Rapidly add agents and additional elements
Expand as the network grows, inexpensively and fast
Set properties for networks and devices
Network and element names
IP addresses
Responsible technicians

Multi-User Environment
Distributed Architecture
Fault and Performance Combined

Drive MTTR by Customer, Severity, Staff

Manage Maintenance Metrics

Organized To Your Business Strategy

Geographical Analytics

Real Time and Long Term – One Display

International Links Utilization

NetBoss Performance Examples

Comprehensive Analytics

High Priority alarm with
Trouble Ticket

View Real Time with Response

End to End Service Assurance

Service and Customer Metrics

Service Assurance You Can See!
Unified and dynamic view that simplifies the service assurance picture from end-to-end
Intuitive Analytics that combine fault, performance, service and customer views

Improve Decision Making Process
Drive collaboration and desired behavior at every level of the organization
Executive, Director, Manager and even Operator Dashboards

NetBoss Executive Dashboard

Geographical Analytics

Performance Dashboards

Ever-increasing detail provides
critical business information

Set Thresholds
For Normal Ops

Drill down for unique
Views of services

Drill-down Example

Unlimited drill-down capability from iPhone and iPad
Access key metrics anytime, anywhere

A New Mobile Experience

Key Dashboard Messages to any device

Logical Architecture



Service Assurance Realized

Service Assurance Solution Approach

Visualize from Data to Knowledge

Executive Dashboard


Customer Applications
Fault Management
Executive Dashboard

RCA - Correlation
Trouble Tickets
Key Differentiators

GGSN Monitoring Example in NetBoss XT

Integrated Fault and Performance Alerts

NetBoss Performance Examples

Cisco IP SLA (cont)

Process Monitor
Proxy Ping
Web Status

Calculation Manager
Call Manager
Deferred Data

Current Plugins

ITU Y.1731 End-to-End Tests

SGSN Monitoring Example in NetBoss XT

Metrics Automatically Passed
To NetBoss Performance

GGSN Agent Forwarding Performance Metrics

Cisco IP SLA (cont)

Peer-to-Peer Appliances

NetBoss Performance discovers IP SLAs on routers and/or allows you to create IP SLAs remotely

Cisco IP SLA

LTE Example #3

LTE Example #1

Core Telco Example #2

Single-Click from Fault to Performance Counters
LTE Example #4


A Global Uniform View of Infrastructure Performance
Real-time system-wide visibility with one-click access to one year historical data online

Plug-n-Play Appliance - Quick time to value and ease of use with a Virtual Appliance Option

Lower TCO - market leading
all-in-one appliance, no add-ons

Massive Scalability – supporting the world’s largest Telco, MSOs, etc…

Auto-Baselining with Trend Analysis

Integrated Fault + Performance

NetBoss Performance Management
Open Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Fault + Performance Architecture

Cluster Technology

Peer to peer architecture

xStats Plug-In

Centralized Database
Can become bottleneck at scale
More data going in impacts performance of getting data out
Requires multiple FTEs for architecture admin and report creation
Limited end user self-service
Separate Hardware and Database licenses required for each system
Requires extensive configuration to integrate systems in architecture

Traditional Hierarchy
EMS Performance Management Challenge

EMS Performance Management Solution

Traditional Hierarchy…
Why Many Fail As Environment Grows

NetBoss Performance Management
Core Telco Example #1

Core Telco Example #3

LTE Example #2

NB Performance uses two methods for creating IP SLA's:
1.) Creates IP SLAs on target router remotely using SNMP (SNMPSET)
No need to login to router to run commands
No need to write to the router's startup config file
Acuity Access FTTH1.0 – Broadband (Internet) and Voice services over PON residential and small business isolating problems to Service/Customer level. Use Cases include backbone IP QoS and Failure scenarios with majority of focus on pinpointing the FTTH infrastructure failures. Interfaces offered to automate multi-system updates (Trouble, Customer).
CSP with FTTH PON networks
Calix, Zhone, Juniper, Cisco, Genband, MetaSwitch
Business GigEnet services
Data Center, Hosted PBX, WAN, Internet
Residential PON Services
Voice, Internet

Answers the question “How is my Business Running”
Increase Efficiencies in Operations and Repair to do more with existing staff.
Eliminate human error and staff hours to analyze problems and then distribute Trouble Tickets
Pinpoint and analyze problems with minimally trained technicians
Drive superior Customer experience – fix problems before the customer calls

High Value Network Management Applications at a fraction of the cost
Use services w/o capital and ownership expense
Minimal set-up cost
No hardware or licenses

No Local Staffing or Equipment to support services

How does Acuity Drive Value?

Acuity at the Center of Operations Systems

Acuity - Broadband FTTH

Services Included (available today)
Network Problems & Performance
Service Impacts – Voice
Customer Account Monitoring
Trouble Ticket Generation/Tracking
Subscriber level Performance (Optional)
Service Add-on
Data lease line services
Acuity Scenario Examples

Implementation Appliance

Acuity Broadview FTTH– Appliance Installation
Contract to active in two months for most equipment
Adding Network Elements varies based on device complexity
Previous Cloud owners can be installed in weeks
Single server Hardware, all Software installed and configured by certified VAR on fixed price quote
Additional customizations, Network Element and OSS interfaces offered by certified VAR

Introductory Programs
1 year maintenance included

Implementation Cloud

Acuity – Cloud Activation
Contract to active in two weeks for most equipment
Adding Network Elements varies based on device complexity
No Hardware, Software, or Staff required to maintain
Minimal IT support during installation
Additional dashboard customizations, Network Element and OSS interfaces offered by certified VAR
Monthly Pricing based on Network Size
Introductory Programs
3 month minimum subscription, like it - keep it, don’t drop it

Be informed: Services and Operations

Monitoring activations, disconnect – reconnects, service additions, translates into revenue

Track Services:
Growth and Churn

Assign and track:
Which technician is fixing what problems

Acuity - End User Service Impact

Acuity, offered as a cloud service or appliance, transforms data about end user services into actionable information

Revolutionizes the way you drive revenue and operational efficiencies
proactively identify customer needs
efficiently collect, communicate and distribute information
& employ service usage data as a sales tool

Unique focus; incrementally affordable

Acuity delivers the knowledge you need to make that happen.

Focusing on your end customer’s services makes good business sense.

Acuity transforms data about end user services into actionable information
Revolutionizes the way you drive revenue and operational efficiencies
proactively identify customer needs
efficiently collect, communicate and distribute information
& employ service usage data as a sales tool


Head-off problems - plan growth and add incremental bandwidth
Respond quickly when congestion problems do arise
Prove service availability and internet speeds to FCC

Planning and Service Assurance


Know your Customers:
Service usage as a sales tool

NTI Product Mix/Positioning

Acuity Broadband is available
Cloud, requiring no hardware, software, or staff to maintain
Appliance, delivered and integrated into your network data center
Acuity Technology Domains

Acuity – Delivery and Network Technologies

Modular Design based on existing
Building Blocks

Reduce Unnecessary Truck Rolls - assure right technician with right equipment are sent

Automated Problem Analysis

Correlate Failures to Service Loss & SLA

Key Performance Indicators

Focus on service problem resolution, not alarms
Be Proactive not reactive and track results

Arm Technicians with real-time access to location and trouble data
Get them to the right place with the right equipment the first time
Minimize and track returns to same or similar problem

Service Usage & Customer Care data can focus sales on prime upgrade candidates
Armed with service availability & outage/ repair data Customer Care will improve satisfaction levels
Topology Correlation & RCA
An event correlation system driven by NetBoss alarms
Utilizes an interface to inventory system to maintain an awareness of network topology (reduced maintenance)
Maintains a state mesh (a combination of a network model and a real-time state machine)
Supports physical, logical and service components
Utilizes an inference engine (expert system) to execute correlation scenarios on the state mesh
Generates correlated high-value problem, root cause and service impact alarms in NetBoss
Facilitates NetBoss alarm viewer de-clutter

What is StateWise?
SLA Management with Topology SIA

NetBoss StateWise

What are the Advantages of StateWise?
Topology Based Correlation
Determine network problem from received alarms
E.g. link problem between transmitter and receiver
Work out how alarms relate and reduce
Root Cause Analysis
Determine the actual cause of a network problem
e.g. ‘A’ end port overload on failed link
Service Impact Analysis
Determine impact of problem on managed services
e.g. service capability lost

NetBoss StateWise
NetBoss XT - Service Impact Alarms
NetBoss XT – Contributory & Sympathetic Alarms
StateWise Solution Architecture
How it works – Topology Correlation

Topology Correlation
NetBoss XT Topology Correlation/RCA
NetBoss XT Operations Controller Service Impact View
Service Impact Alert
Contributary and Sympathetic events

Transform high-volume/low-value data into low-volume/high-value information
Easily identify priority of events to handle
Minimize problem resolution time
Service Affected/Contributory/Sympathetic
NetBoss Trouble Ticketing
Service Impacting Reports
Work Order – Related to Trouble,
Managed Separately
Timeline Tool & Initiate Vendor Dispatch
Trouble Ticket for Fiber Cut
Initiates Trouble Ticket & Fault
Restoration Workflow
Trouble Ticketing
Trouble Management
OSS/J JSR-91 Compliant
Consistent, standard format for trouble tickets, tracking and escalation
Child work orders drive child tasks for resolution
Workflow drives the repetitive process
Change Management
Process management of network change
Creation of projects with BoM with timeline tool for audit trail
Approval management and template projects

NetBoss Customer Applications

Fault & Asset Management
Interfaces to nearly 130 different network element types (transmission, radio, switching, VAS, IN, IT)
Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, Siemens, NEC, Cisco, Logica, Techomen, Agilent, etc.
Management of Environmental Domain
Threshold alarms from Network Probes
Designed and built Network Operations Center
Provided process re-engineering services
NetBoss Executive Dashboard for KPI/KQIs

Norkring—Broadcaster in Norway owned by Telenor ASA
47 main transmitter sites
2700 smaller station sites
over 6500 transmitters
Elements Monitored/Controlled
Power Supplies
Out Forward Power
Reflected Power
Pre-select changes via command/Control
Input Faults

Phase 1
Transmission Domain
Switching Domain
Access Domain
IP Domain
Phase 2
Automated Service Impact Analysis
Automated Service Level Management (SLA)
Centralized Management
3 Tiers
The following America Movil properties use NetBoss to manage their networks:
Brazil (6 networks)
Planning 3 tier Network Management architecture to provide top level view of all networks

America Movil
Bharti (Zain) —Nigeria
Complete NMS monitoring:
IP Core
Environmental (UPS, A/C, Generators, etc.)
Fully Redundant NMS system
NOC Build-Out
Process Re-Engineering
MPLS, IP-VPN, VoIP, High Speed Internet, GSM/3.5G, IPTV
NetBoss managing transport, core, access, mobile, IP networks
IP Quality-of-Service probes
Automated Correlation, Service Impact Analysis, SLA, Notification
NetBoss Executive Dashboard for KPI/KQI summary
Web-based SLA portals for business customers
Ericsson OSS

Integrated fixed, 3G mobile, data services, IPTV
MPLS VPN, GSM/3.5G, Broadband ISP, IPTV, Extensive Content Services
NetBoss managing entire network: fixed, mobile, data, video
NetBoss Executive Dashboard for KPI/KQI summary
Automated topology-based Service Impact Analysis and Service Level Management
Wi-Max/Wi-Fi for Dubai Metro
FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI)

$2.5 billion, 15-year program awarded to Harris
NetBoss team provided integration and support services for:
Two Network Operations Centers (NOCs) operated by Harris
Primary NOC based in Melbourne, Florida; backup NOC in Virginia
NetBoss Collectors throughout U.S.
Service Management—25,000 to 30,000 services
Integrated Network Management—multiple domains: Optical, Microwave, Satellite, Enterprise, others
Mission-Critical—supports ground-to-ground and air-to-ground communication operations for 75,000 flights/day

Aviat Networks Global NOC—U.S.A.

Network Monitoring 24 x 7
Event Management
Network Reporting
Consulting services
Opening, tracking, and closing trouble tickets
Remote equipment diagnostics
Remote management—reset/reboot of equipment
Trouble dispatch
Proactive management of repair process

Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)—Mexico
System manages transmission, switching, and data equipment in the national network
Project includes a central Network Operations Center (NOC), and seven regional NOCs as well as redundancy
Entire system staged in central NOC
8 regions, then installed concurrently
32 Systems Administrators trained on-site
Managing ASCII devices and more than 600 SNMP devices
4 months implementation time
Network Management System
Service Level Management (SLA)
Multi-Service Provider with NGN IP-Based Network
Multi-Service Provider with NGN Network
Advanced 3.5G Mobile network
National Mobile Services Provider Covering 20 million subscribers across Nigeria
Nationwide Mobile Services
Covering >56M Subscribers
Telmex/America Movil ownership
One of the largest GSM/3G mobile communications providers in Latin America
Covers >2,000 cities and towns
6 separate networks managed
Each network had a NOC with NetBoss
In 2007, NetBoss was converted to collector status at six locations
Headquarters NOC assumed centralized management of all six networks
Custom NetBoss views assigned for each region
Summary reports forwarded to HQ
Managing Nokia NetAct, Ericsson OSS, Huawei M2000

One of the largest telecommunications providers in Latin America
Converged Services Provider
in Jordan
National power company in Mexico
Leading provider of broadcast services in Norway
NetBoss is used to provide managed services for a range of Aviat customers
FAA's multi-Protocol NGN Network of 6000 sites and over 150,000 devices
NetBoss Videos
Why NetBoss Acuity?
NetBoss Videos

What is NetBoss Acuity?
Full transcript