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AvOL Konferensie 2012

No description

Geo Quinot

on 11 June 2012

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Transcript of AvOL Konferensie 2012

Transformative Legal Education
Student Pedagogy Subject discipline "Digital Natives" Constructivism "Knowledge is not found, but made" Transformative Constitutionalism Authority Justification Geo Quinot
Department of Public Law
gquinot@sun.ac.za ‘[A] long-term project of constitutional enactment, interpretation, and enforcement committed ... to transforming a country’s political and social institutions and power relationships in a democratic, participatory, and egalitarian direction. Transformative constitutionalism connotes an enterprise of inducing large-scale social change through nonviolent political processes grounded in law.’ Karl Klare “Legal Culture and Transformative Constitutionalism” (1998) 14:1 South African Journal on Human Rights 146
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