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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media Advertising

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Stephanie John

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media Advertising

Stephanie John The Advantages and Disadvantages
of Mass Media Advertising What is Mass Media Advertising? Mass media advertising is a form is marketing to the masses.
This type of advertising reaches the masses in fast and easy ways.
-Billboards Pretty powerful mean of advertising.
Average American watches about 4 1/2 hours of TV per day.
Typically 7-8 minutes of commercials per half hour show.
People see an average of 72 minutes of television commercials each day. Television Advertising Television Advertising Advantages Commercials have the greatest influence on consumers.
Television adds credibility.
-People associate television with importance
Television reaches big audiences.
-Many channels have millions of people tuning in at any given moment. Television Advertising Advantages con't TV grabs your attention
-With the use of celebrities, funny dialogue and/or situations, special effects, good music, and eye-pleasing graphics, commercials aim to entertain. Television Commercial Disadvantages Production can take up to days or even weeks.
-Often times, the changing of an offer can result in re-shooting and/or re-editing of the commercial.
Commercials are very expensive to produce.
-The use of celebrities or interesting effects can be costly.
-Time slots can be very expensive, especially when they're during a popular TV show.
Often times run into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Television Commercial Disadvantages Con't Television is not a targeted medium, but rather a mass one.
-Often times, when running a commercial during a popular TV shows, it may not be targeted to a certain portion of the audience.
Cars, beer, colleges, etc.
-It's hard to reach certain audiences at certain times. Television Commercial Disadvantages Con't Commercials, especially of the local or small business variety, can be tacky, poorly made, and just plain unappealing. Internet Advertising Internet advertising is a form of advertising using the World Wide Web.
It often include banner ads, targeted ads on social networking sites, and spam emails. Internet Advertising Advantages Internet advertising allows companies to reach large numbers of people cheaply and effectively.
-The more people it reaches, the most cost efficient it is.
Ideal for national and international companies.
More targeted than traditional advertising.
-Companies can track the website you most frequently visit and in turn showcase those companies' ads. Internet Advertisements Internet Advertising Disadvantages It's easy for people to copy ads on the Internet.
-Competitors can see ads easily and offer better deals.
-Some even copy the visual aspects of ads.
Internet ads are becoming increasingly more common and seem to "clutter" the Web.
-People ignore ads, delete spam emails, etc. Newspaper Advertising A cheap, easy way to advertise.
Advertising method of placing advertisements in newspapers.
Usually small and to the point. Newspaper Advertisement Advantages Cheap to produce.
Easier to produce than other types of advertisements.
-No need for actors, filming, or special effects.
-Thus less costly.
Allows for repetitive advertisements.
Many people nowadays get the newspaper solely for the advertisements.
-Sunday papers are filled with ads and coupons. Newspaper Advertisement Disadvantages Ads space can be expensive.
Companies have to compete with the other ads in the newspaper.
Creativity is limited.
-No entertainment value, no "wow-factor."
Highly visible medium.
-Competitors can react to prices or offers and in turn make better deals. Radio Advertisements Radio advertisements are in the form of short audio clips.
Range from advertising stores to services to sales. Radio Advertisement Advantages Radio commercials are affordable.
-Cheaper than print or television ads.
-Renting a recording studio for a few hours is a relatively cheap way to produce a good quality commercial.
Ability to target specific groups.
-Certain stations cater to certain demographics.
-Sports radio will cater to teenaged-middle aged men.
-Political radio stations will cater to an older demographic.
Radio advertising is rather portable.
-People listen to the radio while driving, working, or cleaning. It's easy. Radio Advertisement Disadvantages Quick to come, even quicker to go.
-It's easy to miss a phone number or details about the company.
Possibility of ad clutter.
-Commercials in the middle of an ad block are often missed as a result from listeners briefly changing stations.
People are easily distracted.
-People listening to the radio while driving may be too concentrated on the road to listen to the radio actively.
-People working may be too engrossed in the task at hand. Billboard Advertisements Billboards are large advertising structures usually located alongside busy roads and freeways.
Usually advertise restaurants, TV shows, and destinations. Billboard Advertisements Billboard Advertisement Advantages Billboards are a highly visual means of advertisement.
-Thousands of people drive by them everyday.
-Many people drive the same routes repeatedly throughout the week, so they're more likely to notice the ads.
Advertisements can be highly creative and more likely to reel a customer in.
Companies can place billboards literally almost anywhere they feel will have the most impact.
-Right before an exit, on the same road their store is on, etc. Billboard Advertisement Disadvantages Messages must be short and to the point.
-When driving, people only see billboards for about 2 or 3 seconds before they pass by it.
-Very hard to read.
-It's necessary to get the message across very quickly, which is hard to do.
Billboards are a long-term commitment.
-It's difficult and rather expensive to change billboards, prices and deals have to stay the same for long periods of time. Billboard Advertisement Disadvantages People tend to concentrate on the road while driving.
-Not worried about what restaurant is making the best burger, but rather getting to where you need to go.
Billboards CAN be distracting.
-Everyone loves a good billboard, but some people love them a little too much.
-Accidents are likely to happen when drivers are distracted by large, bright (often electronic), billboards and may pay attention to them rather than the other cars on the road.
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