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Touching the Sky

No description

Stephanie Pennachio

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Touching the Sky

Touching the Sky However, there was one device that would change everything. By: Stephanie Pennachio My journey from the ground to the clouds. Everyone has a
beginning Mine was at Vassar Road Elementary School It was here that I learned how to write. And where my love of writing began. Learning how to write planted a seed that blossomed into obsession. What I wrote about: Friends Family Vacations Crushes School In other words, LIFE I began to journal every day; a
habit that would span about
seven years.

And leave me with 23 journals! But as I grew older, other things began to vie for my attention. The TV became my new companion. It filled the silence and opened up a world of new entertainment. With the new addition of a TV in my room, I learned how to multitask. I would Write in my journal while... Watching TV and... Listening to music Things were going great! I was moving my way up technologically...that is, until the unthinkable happened. And if that didn't seem complicated enough, I soon added another thing to the list. At last, a computer was added to the mix! Typing was much faster than writing and I could edit EVERYTHING. My journal was protected from my little brother's prying eyes. And as an added bonus, I could play computer games whenever I wanted! Later, I discovered the more social side of the computer. SPenn224 And I discovered how easy it was to keep a journal that could be saved in a file. Maybe it was information over-load, or maybe it was my fault for never letting it sleep. Either way, my computer crashed. I


G The computer allowed me to write whatever I wanted without the limitations of paper. It left me with uneasy thoughts What did I do wrong? Why did this happen to me? Can I ever trust it again? Play to see my collection! I retreated back to my old ways-writing everything down in a journal. It was safer. As I grew up and entered college, I found that time was in short supply. There were so many things I wanted to say about my new experiences in college but I couldn't keep up with my writing. Friends Band Camp Crushes Classes Commuting I discovered flash drives! I could save my journal to as many places as I wanted! And best of all, I discovered , the domain my thoughts would reside in for the next four years. A laptop! It was portable! All my documents
could come with me, wherever I went. Tumblr took the place of paper journals. It added sounds, videos, and photos to turn my thoughts into multimedia experiences. I also found new social media sites to establish my new found digital citizenship. I felt like I was stepping
out into a
whole new world... Nothing was tangible anymore, my thoughts were pixels, data, and code. Images, sounds, videos, music, and other forms of media burst forth, all up for grabs. It was like the internet was waiting for my input, my take on life, wanting to combine it with experiences from all over the world. Thanks to my love of writing, I became a digital citizen, and it was wonderful! The sky's the limit! Thanks for watching!
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