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The Beatles: Is Paul McCartney Really Dead?

No description

Carla Martinez

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Beatles: Is Paul McCartney Really Dead?

The Beatles: Is Paul McCartney Really Dead?
The three remaining Beatles were clever enough to include hints in many songs.
Why they denied and couldn't reveal it
The Brititsh Intelligence Agency was very cunning in the fact that they wanted The Beatles to be successful so that it could benefit the UK in the long run, financial wise.
They assigned a officer Maxwell from unit MI6 to keep an eye out for the remaining Beatles, to make sure they didn't tell anyone of the departed Paul.
Agent Maxwell had a license to kill and that is why the beatles denied everything and didnt directly let anyone know.
The Beatles imply their tiny cry for help in the song
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
in the album Abbey Road.
Speculations have been made in which state that that is why John Lennon was assassinated by Chapman. He was sent by Maxwell to finish the job.
His Tragic Death
The Beatles were at EMI studios on November 11, 1966 recording the album
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
when they got in a argument and Paul left right before 5am.
Paul was allegedly reported to be driving his white Aston Martin that morning
As Paul drove his car to go spend the night at a friend’s house, he lost control of the wheel and crashed into a fence along the road.
Upon impact, Paul was decapitated and burned to the crisp.
Police found his lifeless corpse and informed the Beatles and their management.
When they were informed, management and the British Intelligence Agency decided to replace him with William Campbell, a Paul look-a-like. The three other Beatles felt guilty but agreed.
Are you a fan of The Beatles? Or are you interested in conspiracies? What if I told you that one of the most famous conspiracies is also about one of the most famous bands of all time?
Consequently, the conspiracy theory of Paul’s death is a very sensitive case that a lot of people debate on. However, what many people have come up with over the years regarding everything that has been disclosed was that the real Paul McCartney is indeed dead and the one that took his place is simply an imposter. The amount of evidence and clues the band hid skillfully could never be simply a coincidence. This proves that they couldn’t tell anyone directly and also that even though they weren’t supposed to, they tried to inform their fans and the public of what truly happened that dreadful Wednesday morning. Paul will forever be remembered and will live on forever through this famous conspiracy.
The Album That Started it All
In 1969, a guy by the name of Fred LaBour "confidently" released tapes played backwards made by the Beatles that revealed clues of Paul's death.
(nobody believed him)
However, when
Abbey Road
was released, fans and conspiracy theorists started speculating and feeling suspicious of the claims of Paul's death.
The Infamous Conspiracy
The Hidden Clues on Albums
When fans and theorists started investigating for clues they missed in passed album they found some in :

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
Hidden Clues in Lyrics
The most controversial songs were:
Revolution 9
I'm So Tired
which are both from the White Album.
Strawberry Field Forever
also has an ominous voice in the background that says "I buried Paul"
I'm Looking Through You
is example where the lyrics speak for themselves.
Glass Onion
is John singing to the audience that "the Walrus was Paul"
A Day in The Life
is a song taking about a car accident in where the popular man dies.
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