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No description

Tony Lim

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of KOREA

Seoul, Korea

Koreans look for herbal plants to make remedies to cure illnesses. A well known herb is Ginseng. Ginseng is known to be substances that help the body to restore itself to health and to work without side effects. It is thought to be the best Ginseng was once worth more than gold! Ginseng has been shown to reduce the levels of stress in both men and women. People that take ginseng regularly are able to stand higher amounts of physical and emotional stress.

The Present
"All passengers, please fasten your seat belts now. Prepare for landing." a voice called over the loud speaker. "That went fast" Terry tells me as we fasten our seat belts. "I know!" I tell him back. "Luckily we just finished" I say as the plane dives onto the landing strip and glides along it.
My first journey...
South Korean Flag.
North Korean Flag
My heart thumped. It's wasn't my fault I needed to go to Korea. I had absolutely NO intention of going what so ever. I didn't even know a word of Korean. I just couldn't bear to be an exchange student. I sighed deeply. "It's not my fault I'm a natural smartypants..." I cried, as I stared up at the ceiling. My eyes started to get teary. But I hold them back as I remember getting my reward.
Seoul, Korea
45 min later...

I sat down and looked at my test sheet. Little dots of ink were scattered around it. "2 hours on the clock, and begin!"Mrs Winterbottom called deeply. I was off like a racing car! While I neatly scribbled down my answers, I glanced at my watch."25 minutes gone" my eyes told my brain.
I was on my last question. I flicked back to find my answer. my eyes scanned the page like a hawk. 'Mr Chicken dislikes the word: hippopotomontrosesquipedaliophobia- the fear of long words. "Found it! " I screamed silently, as I leaned back on my chair to celebrate. I looked around. All I saw was people inquisitively reading and writing. I guessed no one else had finished. (except me of course!) Then I looked at my watch. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets! My English exam was completed in 1 hour and 3 minutes flat...
I pulled out a book and started to read it.
'The Land of the Morning Calm'
it's title was.
Where in the world is it?
It's on a peninsula (an strip of land almost completely surrounded by water and attached to the mainland) on the Continent of Asia. It's divided into two countries - North and South_________. What separates them is 'The Demilitarized Zone.' (DMZ)
Currency: Won. Its size is 98,480 square km approx and The Land of the Morning Calm's population has grown quite rapidly. It's grown from 47 million in 2000 to 50 in 2012! Due to this, it earned its nickname: Asian Tiger, it's now the 4th largest in Asia and home to some of the world's biggest companies, E.g: Hyundai and Samsung. The capital- ________ is famous for its shopping and nightlife .
Nightlife in The Land of the Morning Calm
Very busy indeed!
Social studies-100%
TOTAL: 400/400
As you probably noticed, the subtitle is called 'The Present'. It doesn't mean a present like a birthday present, It means the present moment. And at 'the present' Terry and I boarding the plane. I'm scared out of my wits. It's not fair- my best mates, Mrs W and Mum and Dad are there. It will be to embarrassing to back out now. So I get on board along with Terry. Soon enough we get bored. And when I say bored, I mean really bored. We fidget in our seats, we have yawning competitions. But nothing works to help us get out of our misery. then I have a brain wave. "Lets make a book!" I exclaim. "A really good one!" Terry exclaims back. We look around for info and inspiration . But the only thing we find is info and inspiration from my book I packed.
The Book
After hours of me writing and Terry illustrating, we finish our book. Here it is right at your fingertips.
South Korea has 4 seasons. Like London, it has winter which is very bitter cold since the icy cold winds which blow down from Siberia. Thanks a lot Siberia. In spring, the monsoon (the seasonal wind of southern Asia) winds bring warm and wet weather. Due to this, spring in Korea is humid and hot.
-the rainy season lasts from late June to late July. Near to the end of summer, typhoons (tropical cyclones or hurricanes) arrive from the south strong and gusty winds are common throughout autumn.
The Land of the Morning Calm
Essential ingredients dictionary to cook trues flavors of Korea.
ASIAN PEAR: AKA Nashi looks like an apple, but tastes like a sweet pear. It's crunchy and juicy. I would recommend it to ANYONE!
GINSENG ROOT: (go to last slide)
KIMCHI: very cultural to Korea and very SPICY!
SOY SAUCE: Variety one- Japanese variety, which is lighter in colour, salty and used to make soup.
Variety 2- regular variety, brownish-black and is not sweet
Terry and I go everywhere there is to see. (not literally!) We see
The N Seoul Tower, or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. It's the highest point in Seoul.
Height: 237 m
Opened: 1980
COEX Mall is known as the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia.
Cheonggyecheon is a small stream which flowing through the downtown of Seoul and then connecting to the Hangang River. A series of unique bridges, stepping stone crossings, and waterfalls have been built which made the whole stream looks spectacular at night. It’s an ideal place to you to have a walk to forget everything about work and completely relax yourself after a tiring work day. The water of the stream is clean and sparkling under the shinning of sunlight and you could see many fishes in the water in the daytime.
"That went fast" Terry says exhausted. "I know!" I say. "Definitely for 3 days" Terry says. " Of course it was for one day, Terry" I say. Before we know it, were back home, or should I say back in our tree house, the video phone rings and we're due for another book. I have to say, It wasn't bad for a first trip, not bad at all. :)
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