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No description

Gwenn Leroux

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of JR (ESDES 3A ORAL ENGLISH)

JR "The street is the largest gallery in the world" English Oral Exam Street art Arthur PAMART
Floriane CAILLE
Gwenn LEROUX Conclusion 1 2 3 The artist an the city How can JR emphasize the strength of faces ? Plan JR, a street artist The technique of JR Focus on one work : The artist and the city 1 2 3 4 Face2Face Face2Face project Face2Face The birth of an idea Subject of the work A project made by JR ans Marco
Date of the artwork : 2007
It was the largest photography exposition of the world JR and Marco met in 2005
They decided to go together to the Middle East
Same conclusion : these people look the same, everyone has his twin brother on the other side JR and Marco decided to put them face to face, so they would realize Impact on the viewer Face2Face project helped in a better comprehension between Israelis and Palestinians
Born February 22, 1983
French contemporary artist
For him the street is the "biggest art gallery in the world"
Affects all social classes
Produced portrait of a generation Free Art : «In the street, I touch people who never go to the museum».
In 2007, he directed Face 2 Face, "the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever created."
JR is defined as an "urban artist"
A lot of People participate in the artistic process of JR
JR was awarded the TED Prize for 2011 place both sides of the wall separating Israel and Palestine Photos are developed on large formats A good way to gather Israel and Palestine
Showing they are not different

A demonstration that art and laughter can challenge stereotypes Pictures are taken with a digital camera.
Then JR prints the photographs in strips on large format printers.
Finally he glues them like posters. JR's technique : printed lithography JR presentation The Artist JR JR, a street artist 4 Make people think about the benefits of street art Conclusion A project based on a current political subject
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