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Innohme Oy AGM 2017

No description

Tuomas Tahvanainen

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Innohme Oy AGM 2017

Innohome Oy
AGM 2017

Profit and loss
Gross Margin
1. Opening the meeting
2. Election of Chairman and Secretary and approval of the agenda
3. Appointment of persons to approve and sign the minutes and supervisors for counting the votes
4. Recording the legality and quorum of the meeting
5. Stating presence and approving the list of votes
6. Business Review by the CEO
7. Presentation of the Annual Accounts, Annual Report and Auditors Report for the financial year 2016
8. Adoption of the Annual Accounts
9. Resolution on use of the profit and unrestricted equity
10. Resolution regarding discharge from the liability of the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO
11. Resolution on the remuneration of the Members of the Board of Directors
12.Resolution on the number of members of the Board of Directors
13. Election of the Members of the Board of Directors
14. Resolution on the remuneration of the Auditor
15. Election of the Auditor
16. Other topics
17. Closing the meeting
Financial Statements
Annual Statements included
Financial Statements, Annual Report, Auditors Report
Revenue close to 2015 level - Slight decreasing
Company continued to invest into R&D and new market operation
Number of new products out to markets in 2016 and 2017
Total investment +1m€
Head count incresed from 11 to 13 persons new recruitment to R&D +CEO
Recorded 28 different patent applications under process in 2016
Covering Europe, North-America, Australia, China and Japan
Continued investments and low revenue growth in new markets drove result to loss 512K€
Guarantee reserve -94k€
Inventory write off from components -140k€
Total 3 541k€ (5 192k€)
UK market development -1 171k€
Fin and Swe disappointments -409k€
Germany markets -193k€
Norway exceeded goals +305K€
Gross margin 1 802k€ (50.9 %)
Guarantee reserve -2.7 %
Write offs from inventory -3.8 %
Gross margin has continued over 50 % level
H1 2017 GM % in 53 % level
Quality issue in H1 2017 effect -3 %
Annual Report
Operations during financial year
R&D operations and development of other operations
Renewal of order deliver process
New markets: North America
Tomi Virtanen started as CEO
Material event 2017
Continued investments in North America
Outlook for 2017
Development of manufacturing and sourcing capabilities
Growth from existing and new markets - new products
Share issues, option rights, Use of profits and # shares
Balance sheet
New Tekes loan 74k€ received
Expected 175k€ for 2017
Tekes Capital loans 102K€ paid off 2016 (short term)
Notes for Statements
Less information about principles and methods
Main focus on:
Additional information for reader
non balance sheet liabilities and
changes in shareholders wealth
Non-balance sheet liabilities increased relating to manufacturing,
Total 352k€
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