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Business Plan

No description

austin gibney

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Marketing Methods
Beta Testing
Buzz Marketing
Partnerships with local board clubs (University and domestic)
Who We Are
Klétos Longboards LLC
6 months out:
- Average of 20-30 boards/wk (80-120/month)
- Profit on boards = $5,440-$11,160
- Support/partner with other small businesses

1 year out:
- Average 30-40 boards/wk (120-160/month)
- Profit on boards: $8,120 - $14,880
- Expand small business outreach/partnerships
- Green technology and practices
- Local artists
- Sponsor longboarding park/area

1.5 years out:
- Average 35-45 boards/wk (140-180/month)
- Profit on boards: $9,520 - $16,740
- Expand brand fully into community
- Consistent input from local artists
- Explore in-house manufacturing options
2 years out:
- Fully energy-efficient
- Average 50-60 boards/wk (200-320/month)
- Profit on boards: $13,600 - $29,760
3 years out:
- Average 50-60 boards/wk (200-320/month)
- Profit on boards: $13,600 - $29,760
- Begin work on longboard park/area
- Plan an event that we can run on our own that supports our community, business goals, and charities
4 years out:

- In-house manufacturing option fully operational
- Continue to at least average 50-60 boards/wk
- Run event that is mentioned in year 3
5 years out:
- Be a strong, local business that is thriving and following all of our ideal business goals
-Partner with charity

- Broad and diverse
- Teenagers to 50s
- Snowboarders and surfers especially (good for cross training when weather doesn't permit either activity)
- Used as fun transportation and even reported spiritual aspects

- Male, 14+
- Expand into demographic of women
- Our location is prime

Our fully customizable features will give us a strong market niche, via website or store

We are located in a area with a greater expendable income
Main Competitors:
Never Summer Industries
Sector 9
Our Product:
Fully customizable
In store
Online customer service
In store
Employees have experience
Competitive Pricing:
Prices will be similar but higher quality
Longboards already made
Prices range varying customization
-Kletos (Clay-tos)
-930 15th Street. Denver, Colorado.
Legal Requirements

-Establish Business Entity with the Secretary of State's Office

-Register Name

-Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number


-Register With the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

-Customizing blank boards to satisfy a unique customer desire

-VERY personal customization puts focus on the customer

-Get a couple iPads in store for people to make their design for us to print

-buy from a supplier, customize it to the customer’s needs

Social Media
Sales Literature
Community Outreach

Cost per Board-($162-$257)
Per 20- $3.3k-$5k
Monthly Supply Cost- $13.2K-$20K
Monthly Profit- $6K-$11K
1Year Material Investment-$158.4k-$240K
Tool Cost- $6.5K
Electronics Investment- $9K
Building/Office Cost- $41K
Marketing Budget $20K
1Year Total Cost-$235k-$316,500

Minimum Total Income- $220,800
Minimum Total Cost- $158,400
Minimum Total Profit-$62,400

Max Total Income- $336,000
Max Total Cost- $243,840
Max Total Profit- $92,160

Customer Experience
Works Cited
Works Cited

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Mission: We desire to offer a customizable solution to the customer’s transportation needs while creating a culture of reinvestment in the community through charitable outreach.
- Called, invited. To obtain eternal salvation in the kingdom through Christ.
Total Investment

Maximum Costs- $316,500
Asking -$320,000
Personal investment- $180K(30k.ea)
Investment- $140k
Bank loans
Private Investors
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