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Puss-In-Boots - Angela Carter

No description

Mercedes Pegado

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Puss-In-Boots - Angela Carter

The Story Cont. The Story About The Story Originally written in the late 17th century by Charles Perrault (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood).
It was published in 1697 along with other fairy tales by the same author.
The character of the cat from the story has been used in other works such as Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Sleeping Beauty' and other works like the movie Shrek. The Story Cont. Signor Pantaleone trips over Tabby and falls down the stairs.
Puss' master is then let into the house by the old hag as he is posing as a doctor and he pronounces the husband dead even though he can still feel a pulse.
They lay Signor Pantaleone on the bed and then the lady and Puss' master have sex on the floor, having told the old hag to seek out an undertaker. Meanwhile, Puss notices that Tabby is pregnant.
They old hag leaves them having received a generous severance pay.
Both couples live together, with the woman also becoming pregnant.
Tabby has her kittens and Puss ends the story there. Characters Puss:
Voice of the story
Adds humor to the story
Crude Themes Patriarchal society
Women presented as sexual objects
Women as the inferior sex/superior sex?
Criticism of social class
Damsel in distress - hero
Virginal woman
Sex as a symbol of power? Angela Carter Puss-In-Boots First person narrative, told from the cat's perspective and takes place in Spain.
Puss befriends a man who threw boots at him and moves in with him.
The two travel around the country and the cat helps the man to cheat at gambling, steals food for them and woos women for the man too.
One day the man comes home and tells Puss that he is in love with a married woman who is locked in her house.
The man followed the woman around, stopped eating an stopped paying Puss attention, so Puss devised a plan to win over her heart for his master so that he would go back to his normal, womanizing self. Puss becomes friends with the woman's cat so that she will pass on a note to her mistress from his master.
Puss' master learns that the woman wanted to meet him after reading his letter so he decides to serenade her outside her window.
Puss and Tabby came up with a plan for him and his master to pose as rat killers so they could enter the woman's house.
When they enter the house the woman gets rid of the old hag and she has sex with Puss' master.
Puss learns that taking the woman's virginity did not make him forget her and so he decides to help him again and they decide that they should kill the woman's husband and live off of his fortune. Puss' Master:
Bachelor (at the beginning) Signora Panteleone:
Damsel in distress
Virginal maiden
Control/power Signor Panteleone:
Villain Tabby:
Dominant The Old Hag:
Conceited Key Quotes "Since she is his prize possession, he consents to finger her a little. He palpitates her hide and slaps her flanks: 'what a good bargain!'."
"Once she's got the keys secure," Puss explains, "she's in charge of all."
"She shows him the target, he displays the dart, scores an instant bullseye."
"Grasping the slack of her neck firmly between my teeth, I gave her the customary tribute of a few firm thrusts from my striped loin."
"So may all your wives, if you need them, be rich and pretty; and all your husbands; if you want them, be young and virile; and all your cats as wily, perspicacious and resourceful as Puss-In-Boots."
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