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Slavery and the Events That led to the civil war!

on slavery!!

Callie Cox

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Slavery and the Events That led to the civil war!

slavery Slavery and the Events That led to the Civil War Harriet Tubman a slave...
led many other slaves on the underground railroad! slavery effected everyone, blacks , whites,everyone. Slaves living conditions were horrible, most lived in dirt houses. and got whiped. slaves got whipped for doing the slitest thing wrong. Field hands worked all day every day till the time of their freedom with the exception of the break to eat and at night. their family's were everything to them. They do nothing to jeporadise their family. Legally nothing belonged to slaves it was all the masters. They are treated unfairly for the most part. Sometimes people have nice masters who treat them well, others not so much, its just luck for them . Dredd Scott and his wife sue their owner for their freedom. The Civil War vs. Confederates
the civil war was a war between our country. Fueled by the battle of slavery. believed in slavery.
(south) The Union Was against slavery
(north) Civil war entertainment sLAVE FOODS!
HOE CAKES cornmeal
salted pork THE END!
THANK YOU :) My Sources.
Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
I, Dred Scott by Sheila P. Moses
The causes of the civil war packet. by UNCLE TOMS CABIN, LIFE AMOUNG THE LOWLEY
uncle Toms Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher STowe. In the 1800's she visited a plantation in a meeting with the owner! while she was there she saw the horrific thing that went on, and how the slaves were treated! upon her arival she saw a black man being beaten by two other black men with a white man urging them on. She was horrified. Then she went home and imidiately began to write t his novel. She also housed slaves in her house in cincinnati.
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