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salsa music & salsa dancing

No description

Keja Dillard

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of salsa music & salsa dancing

Salsa Music and Salsa Dancing
By: Keja Dillard

More Salsa Instruments
Salsa Music Artists
Celia Cruz
Hector Lavoe
Fernando Sosa
Marc Anthony
The Music Salsa
Web Sited Page
Salsa is also a genre of music.
Salsa Music Instruments
The Bongos
The Botijuela
The Claves
The Conga Drum
The Cowbell
The Guiro
The Marimbula
The Quijada
The Timbales
The word salsa means sauce.
Bongos are drums played with your hands.
List of Salsa Dancers
Eddie Torres
Johnny Vazquez
Juan Matos
Frankie Martinez
Seaon Bristol
Leon Rose
Magna Gopal
Maria Torres
Cristian Oviedo
Felipe Polanco
The "sauce" salsa is used to spice up food.
The music salsa as a fantastic up beat rhythm of 1-2-3, 1-2.
Jerry Rivera is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated Puerto Rican salsa singer.
Salsa Singer: Jerry Rivera
Salsa Dancing
People enjoy salsa dancing and it also gives them fitness.
Below is a youtube video teaching the basic steps of salsa dancing for beginners.
Salsa Zumba
Salsa dancing has evolved into many things, including Zumba.
A youtube Salsa Zumba video is below.
Salsa Songs
Que le den Candela by Celia Cruz
Chiquicha' by El Puma DJ y Rulo Miami Sound
Te Amo by Son de Cali
El dia de mi Suerte by Hector Lavoe y Willy Colon
More Salsa Songs
Soy Guajiro by Willy Chirino
Locura Tg by Fernando Sosa
Valio la pena by Marc Anthony
To be Professional Salsa dancers they must love salsa music and Salsa dancing to do it for a living
Professional Salsa Dancing & Professional Salsa Dancers
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