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Catholic Schools Week by Eduardo Pina-Yanez 8A

The is my catholic school project assigned to me by my religion teacher Ms. Severin

Eduardo Pina-Yanez

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Catholic Schools Week by Eduardo Pina-Yanez 8A

Catholic Schools Week
Defined by Merriam Webster's dictionary faith means complete trust in someone.

Defined by my fellow classmates and teachers at SVdP it means a Conviction,believing without seeing. Their belief is in God's Word.

Faith to me means a strong conviction in the Holy Trinity,the Roman Catholic Church,the Communion of Saints,and the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Knowledge (no not like you know what 2+2=4 or what a sentence is composed of)

Knowledge like knowing or interpreting God's word,promises to the human race,and Commandments.

Knowledge to know right from wrong,also to forgive one another,and to show mercy.
Service Catholic or not is helping other people.

Service is helping others from opening the doors to helping at homeless shelter also like helping building houses for others.

Service is known worldwide. People from others religions and even people with no religion do serviceable acts.

Faith, Knowledge, and Service
Together they make up this year's Catholic Schools Week slogan.

And now you know what I think, feel, and know from these three words

Have a Blessed Week!
Thanking People
I'd like to thank my parents for sending me to this wonderful school.

Also my cousin,Jenny, for giving me ideas to improve my prezi presentation.

And finally everyone who gave me any of these ideas which are on my prezi presentation. (And I'm sorry if I forgot mention you)
Catholic School Week
A Community of Faith, Knowledge, and Service by Eduardo Pina-Yanez 8A
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