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"All stars are exactly the same" ( Myth)

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on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of "All stars are exactly the same" ( Myth)

"All stars are exactly the same" ( Myth)
Different colors
Even though you might not believe it stars can have different colors. There are blue, blue white,white yellow, orange red,and red stars.
Stars can range in temperature from under 3,500k all the way over to 25,000k
Stars are also different in their luminosity rates different masses, different sizes and age .
Star Groups
There are main sequence stars, dwarf stars, yellow dwarf stars, red dwarf, Re Giants,Blue Giants,Super Giants, White dwarfs, brown Dwarfs, Neutron stars, pulsar stars and a lot of other groups
The reason why people think that all stars are the same is because we are only allowed to see what eyes are able to see. We are only able to see a certain amount of difference in things, so when we look up at the sky we will probably see the same thing every time. We have things that allow us to see things more detailed and they are called telescopes. With telescopes we are able to see the difference between the stars. You can also see the difference if you look at the sun ( that's bad don't look at the sun it's bad for your vision) The sun is also a star. The sun is main sequence star, but our star isn't the hottest star there is. People usually think this because we are so close to it but there are much hotter stars than the sun. If you know what the sun and the stars look like you can immediately tell the difference in color
"All star a exactly the same" Is a myth.
Stars aren't exactly the same.Stars vary in brightness,color,mass, temperature, and age , therefore all stars aren't the same.
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