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Saint Marie Eugenie

No description

melisa rabanales

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Saint Marie Eugenie

"One of the greatest women in all the times" Saint Marie Eugene Anne Mary Eugene Milleret
De Brou
was born on August 25th of 1817
in a wealthy but and lack of
religion family. She was the
penultimate of five children In 1830 Anne Eugene was 13 years old,. Anne Eugene leaves alone with her mother to Paris, while Louis, his brother and his playmate, stays with his father. Adolescence At the age of 22, Maria Eugenia turns into
the Founder of the Religious
of the Assumption with the help
of Father Lacordaire and Combalot. As a nun In 1841, they open the first school HER LIFE. Was baptized shortly after
her birth, on October
5th of 1817. Despite of her lack of Christianity, at 12 years, at Christmas day of 1829, she made her first communion, where she lives a mystical experience and her first encounter with Jesus.. In 1832, her mother dies because of a cholera
epidemic, leaving alone and helpless to Anne
Eugene who was then 15th. With the death of her mother, her father leaved
her on two families. One of them were very
eligious aunts, that made her to take a life close
and oppressive. However, with the experiences of this
family is when she finds her vocation. Years later the community had 16 sisters of four nationalities On March 9, 1898 it gets for last time
communion and in the night
of March 10
she died in peace
. Childhood During those years, in 1821 was the
Independence of the country GUATEMALA During those times military dictatorships took the
and just like Anne Eugene,
Guatemalans felt like they were on
a jail, a prisioners in their own home. GUATEMALA At the same time Marie Eugenie was promoting education in France. In our country, Rafael Carrera began his dictatorship that left Guatemala in the misery and and lack of development Guatemala Her values. Peace "A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations" She really believed that the world can change with love. Fighting for the things that you believe, doesn´t mean that you have to hate. Marie Eugene was a free woman, she decided, with her independent heart, to join to the project of God. At the age of 22, she decided to
create a great project based on
freedom and responsibility "The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint" FREEDOM "The emotion of great delight or
happiness caused by something
exceptionally good or satisfying" She was a joyful girl, that adored to play with the animals and her brother. A positive child, reflecting joy. She started the Assumptions'
proyect with all the best attitude,
with the joy of a strong woman,
always available for the society. JOY Marie Eugenie denounced the problems of the society She Fought for equality, specially
the role of the woman in the
society. "Sincerity in action, character, and utterance" TRUTH The idea of transform
the society,
in order to make
a world of justice. "Is try to give each person, what he deserves" JUSTICE She had the courage to keep moving foward and living by herself, only in company of God. Took the responsibility to
guide and educate young
girls, even when the society
didn't approve it. COURAGE She showed respect for the living things, specially for the humans, animals and nature. Against the things that could hurt
the dignity of the human being. RESPECT Am I willing to take
Assumptionist Philosophy
as mine? Yes, because I agree to form independent people, people who can face life with integrity and responsibility. People with values are the ones that help to transform society in a simple but effective way. It's important to train people to help, regardless of their color, their country, their culture or age. The assumption makes people to fight for social equity. Michelle López Yes, because I believe that the Assumptionist philosophy is a very good way to live the life as a great woman, making us give our lives to the service of Jesus Christ in the society, a society that needs Assumptionist people.

The way to reflect this philosophy is changing the way of think that the world has given us, transforming it to be free people, people looking to give the message of Mary Eugene, making the Kingdom of God on Earth. Stephanie Martínez In my case I would take it but adapting it to my personality. If I'm going to do the world better, I want to do it as I am. I think that we can do a nicest world of different ways, and I want to be that different way. I'm going to start in the little things now in a way that encourage people to take the challenge with me. With support, all the things are better. In that way I can take more and more steps to my final goal. Lucía Monzón For me the Assumptionist philosophy is already part of my life. I also believe that women play a very important role on the society and if this women are prepared and strong, it could be a change in the world and I feel that I could make part of this. I will try to use this philosophy in every aspect of my life, adapting to the present, living the reality and working for a better world. Melisa Rabanales Example:
Mahatma Gandhi Example:
Tuti Furlán. Example:
Monsignor Gerardi Example:
Nelson Mandela Example:
Nineth Montenegro Example:
John Paul II Example:
Abraham Lincoln
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