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No description

Piyush Awasthi

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of INSIGHT

Problem Definition
Topic Facet Model
Future Work
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.
Problem Definition
Image by Tom Mooring
Topic Facet Model
”Can an array of objects be iterated in enhanced for loop”
a probabilistic topic model that assumes all words in single sentence are generated from one topic facet to detect topics from con-versational and relatively short amount of texts in each forum post.
a Semantic Visual Analytics for Programming Discussion Forums

Piyush Awasthi (Piyush.Awasthi@asu.edu) &
Dr. Hsiao (Sharon.Hsiao@asu.edu)
Arizona State University

Why Stackoverflow.com?
How to iterate over hashmap?
Over 4M users
Over 8M questions
Over 40M answers
560M Pageviews a month
Role of Visual Learning Analytics
Learning Analytics + Visual
Data Visualization
Advantages of Data Visualization
Easy & Clear representation of Big Datasets
Visualize relationships & Patterns
Direct interaction with data
Learning Analytics
The 2013 Horizon Report describes learning analytics as the "Field associated with deciphering trends and patterns from educational big data, or huge sets of student-related data, to further the advancement of a personalized, supportive system of higher education."
Topic -
Topic Facet Modeling: Visual Analytics for Online Discussion Forums by Dr. Hsiao on 19th March
Study Design
1. How to break out of nested loops?

2. Class A{
A(int A, int B){

Class B extends A{
Output: Compile Time Error - No constructor matching A(a,b) found in class B.
Qualitative Results
Users found TFM bubble chart helpful as a faster way of browsing and how related they were to their queries.
Users appreciated the ease of use of the application
Future Work
Visual Improvements
User Profiling
Behavior Modeling
Thank You
a Semantic Visual Analytics for Programming Discussion Forums

Piyush Awasthi (Piyush.Awasthi@asu.edu) &
Dr. Hsiao (Sharon.Hsiao@asu.edu)
Arizona State University
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