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Wednesday, October 16

No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Wednesday, October 16

Write Your Own Claim
________________________ is a serious issue that individuals can take action against by __________________________, __________________________, and __________________________ .
Wednesday, October 16
The decline of Americans health in recent years is a serious issue that individuals can take action against by eating healthier, encouraging others to take part in an active lifestyle, and promoting healthy habits in their schools, communities, and government.
The discrimination of individuals with disabilities is a growing issue in American schools and communities. People can take a stand to fight against this prejudice by educating themselves on different disabilities, making sure individuals with disabilities feel included in their environment, and standing up for them in the face of bullying.
Call to Action
A suggestion to help solve a problem

Animal Cruelty
: spay and neuter all domestic animals

Human Trafficking
: educate yourself and spread the word to others

: speak to your school principal about hosting an assembly about bullying.
Main argument

specific, relevant and focused
Defines the
of your paper
must express your
on your issue
(can be interpreted in multiple ways)
Exit Ticket
Now that you have written your claim, take out a sheet of paper and write a paragraph explaining how your
calls to action
will help solve the problem,
Which pieces of evidence can you use to support your claim?
Write 5-8 sentences
Examples of Calls to Action
I can write a precise claim that is arguable and takes a purposeful position on the topic.

Does the writer believe he is his brother's keeper?
How do you know?
Calls to Action
Take out your evidence sheet
Read your evidence/reasoning
With your group, come up with at least 2-3 "calls to action" for your issue.
Claim must be approved by your teacher
Today's Learning Target
Answer the following questions
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