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Charlotte Selby-Fullgrabe

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of ASYLUM SEEKERS

What does it mean to be a
ASYLUM SEEKER? A refugee is someone whom is forced to flee their country because they are in danger. To be a refugee you MUST be assessed by UN refugee Agency. An asylum seeker is someone who is forced to flee their country because of danger, but they haven’t been assessed by the UN refugee Agency. WHERE THEY COME FROM
They can come from any country all over the world. Mostly are from under-developed countries.

Top five countries in the world with the most refugees and asylum seekers:
1. Afghanistan
2. Iraq
3. Somalia
4. Congo
The top five countries that hosted refugees/
asylum seekers from around the world and
how many they hosted:

1. Pakistan 1,702,700
2. Iran 886,468
3. Syria 755,445
4. Germany 571,685
5. Kenya 566,787 BURMA Anh Do's Afghanistan Anh Do's story: When Anh was little he was a refugee. He came over to Australia as he was a victim of war in Vietnam. He came over to Australia in a little boat with mass's of people. Him and his family were so close to never coming to Australia and dying, by pirates and other dangerous events. But once Anh made it over to Australia there were other bad events he had to face. Even though times were tough for Anh he still thought of himself as the happiest little refugee. Refugees and Asylum seekers seek a new country because either there countries are war torn or they are being persecuted for their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, conflict or their country has had natural disasters recently. Reflection I really enjoyed this topic as i found it really interesting. I found the facts in this topic really shocking and mind-blowing as you realize how much the media bends the truth. I also find it really tragic how some people live around the world, and how hard it is for them to seek help or be safe. The biggest fact that I didn't know before studying this topic was not knowing was that refugees aren't illegal, and that its not illegal to seek asylum anywhere around the world. What I have come to understand about refugees now is that they aren't bad people and are only wanting to seek asylum and be safe. Ways we can welcome refugees Friendships/family
Donate to refugee opp shops
Volunteer to any refugee companies Burma is known to have harsh conflict upon race and religion.
Burma receives an average of less than $5 in international assistance per person
Millions of refugees each year are leaving to other countries. Poor country with a large population
Always in war
Conflict from race, religion and political view Left due to war in Vitenam
Unsafe living enviroments Screened in IAAS and Iodgement of claims Primary
assessment Health, identity character and security checking Referral for permanent visa Client decision Client decision Independent reveiw Pre-removal assessment obtain travel documents Depart
Australia When coming into Australia there is a step to step process on whether you will be allowed or sent back home. Throughout the process their are tests and questions made to find out.

< Are some topics in what you will be asked in order to make it into Australia Bibliography: http://www.asrc.org.au/asylum-seekers/
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