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Humber Students' Federation

Services HSF provides Frosh Week Good Customer Service

Alexandra Burdzy

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Humber Students' Federation

Humber Students' Federation
Services Team
Students who are in financial need
Fill out application online
budget form
letter stating how the bursary will assist the student to meet their educational goals
Everyone can apply in September
Only students who start in Winter or Summer semesters are eligible to apply in those semesters
$200, 000 is allocated towards the HSF student bursary
For students who are in need of food
Go to www.humberlife.com to fill out online application
Applications are received by the V.P's of Student Affairs
NORTH- Kay Tracey
LAKESHORE- Candace Pellew
Food Bank
The food bank is a confidential service and is based on financial need
Used Book Market-ONLINE
Students have to register each semester
All full time students are covered
Everyone is automatically enrolled into the balanced plan
Students can choose to change their plan to one of the enhanced plans [at no extra cost]
Health and Dental Insurance

Students can only book appointments online at
Student will be asked to register with their student card
Once students have registered and login they can:
Make an Appointment
View your Proofs
Order a Package
Food Bank
Used Book Market
Shoppers Drug mart offers
10% off QUO and Life Brand Products
North Campus has a Dental Clinic on Campus!
Did you know?
Used Book Market
Games Room
Pool tables $2.00
Pool tables $2.00
Green Focus
Charity Focus
For students who are interested in helping promote environmental sustainability
Campus clean-up day
Green initiatives
For students who want to be involved in initiatives which relate to social justice issues both on campus and in the community
Tokens 4 change [Youth without shelter]
Habitat for Humanity
Personal student initiatives
Sitting fee is $10.00
If students choose to purchase photo packages, the $10.00 will be put towards the package
Volunteer Crew
Time Management
Entirely online
Students wishing to sell books register online through www.humberlife.com
There is no charge to the seller
Students are only allowed to sell books
HSF advises students to meet in a safe place like the student center to complete the transaction
Insurance Coverage
Any questions??
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