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The Westing Game and Elements of a Mystery


Ms. Mac

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of The Westing Game and Elements of a Mystery

Ingredients for a Mystery When cooking up a mystery, use this tasty recipe! Characters:
Suspects: Characters who are believed to have possibly committed the crime
Detectives: Character(s) trying to solve the mystery
Witnesses: Characters who saw the crime being committed Setting:
This is the location where the mystery takes place Plot:
*A problem that needs to be solved
*An event that cannot be explained
*A secret
*Something lost or missing
*A crime that has been committed Clues:
Clues are hints that can help the reader and the detective solve the mystery. Red Herrings:
These are distractions or false clues that may lead the reader off of the detective track. They make it difficult to solve the mystery.
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