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My Inquiry... What Does a Good Learner Look Like?

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Maisie Nash-Lewis

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of My Inquiry... What Does a Good Learner Look Like?

What does a good learner look like? -A good learner is focused and reliable
-Learning is maths, reading etc
-The teacher knows everything
-Ask the teacher everything -A good learner is not necessarily the most academic, but can relate to others aswell
-A good learner also asks lots of questions
-Everything is a learning opportunity
-The teacher is still learning from everything... we will never stop
-Internet is full of knowledge
-LEARNING IS CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK What I thought before... What I think now... THANKS FOR WATCHING MY PREZI To learn you need to be open to change and question your knowledge Questioning is only meaningful if we create new knowledge changing the way we think By Maisie
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