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Copy of 3.08 FEAR IN FILM

No description

Reneka Maxem

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of 3.08 FEAR IN FILM

After reading his review it is obvious that
The two reviews were similar in that they both described at least one particular scene they thought was outstanding and how the film was different and extraordinary from other films. Both critics did mention what techniques they liked that the producer used. The differences between the two reviews were that . Deming's review did not mention where the film was created and how the producer wanted it to be.
After reading various reviews about the movie, as well as seeing the modern show "Bates Motel" .
Title of Critique:
Written on December 6, 1998

~ Informs the readers on how the producer wanted it to seem
~Critic talks about how the film is set up and where they filmed it
~ Includes what the viewers wanted to happen ( which did happen in the movie)
~ Summarizes the film and its characters
~ Discusses the elements the producer used to make this film
Deming states that the movie Psycho is different from many of the movies during that time; He states his opinion of how suspense movies should be.

Specific terms Deming uses throughout his review were: " acceptable", " battle", "palpable", " tension", " frightening", " suspense", and " asunder." When using these terms, the Critic shows that he enjoyed the different techniques the producer used in the film. T
Title of Critique: AMG Review

~Deming talks about how the film was different than the films that were made in the same time period, states his opinion of how suspense films should be
~Includes a specific scene in the review
~ Includes how the film is still scary and watched today
Movie: Psycho
Psycho, a 1960 American horror thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock which was based on a novel that was inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein.
3.08 Fear in Film
Ebert was very impressed by Hitchcock work, Ebert never implied that Hitchcock did anything to make the movie not look good.
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