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No description

roxie redden

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of R5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

r5 members are Ross ,Riker,Rocky,Rydel and Ratliff. r5 YOU MAY KNOW SOME OF THE R5 MEMBERS FROM SHOWS. LIKE AUSTIN AND ALLY OR GLEE. ROSS LYNCH IS FROM AUSTIN AND ALLY AND RIKER LYNCH IS FROM GLEE. ABOUT RIKER Lynch ABOUT ROSS Lynch ABOUT RYDEL LYNCH ABOUT ROCKY LYNCH. ABOUT RATLIFF LYNCH. R5 This is Riker Anthony Lynch. He plays guitar.His favorite color is blue,His favorite animal is the mongoose,his b-day is Nov 8,1991.now he is 21.PS he also writes some of the songs like say you"ll stay. FYI, THAT IS DIANNA AGRON AND THERE IS A RUMOR THAT RIKER LYNCH HAS A CRUSH ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I THINK IT IS TRUE AND WHEN THEY DO START DATING WE ARE GOING TO CALL THEM RIKANNA! DIANNA RIKER RIKANNA I think she looks like britney spears what do you think? Britney Spears this is Rocky Lynch and he plays guitar,his favorite color is green,His B-day is Nov 1,1994,he is a singer and song writer for r5.Also he taught him self how to play guitar his nickname the musical genius. This is Ratliff lynch plays drums,his favorite color is green,he dose not sing ,his B-day is April-14-13, RYDEL LYNCH R5 is made of a group of siblings born and raised in Littleton,Colorado,plus their friend from California.while living in Colorado,the lynch children went to a performing arts school were they learned to play music and dance.They made up and put on shows for their family when some of them were as young as 5 and 4.They named their family band R5 when they were really young.In 2008,Riker,at 16,decided that he wanted to move to L.A. to pursue an acting career.However,their parents,Stormie and Mark Lynch move the whole family to L.A. so that they could stay together. Ross Shor Lynch is an American teen actor,singer,instrumentalist and dancer. he is best know for playing Austin Moon on Disney Channel TV series Austin and Ally. He was born on Dec 29,1995 in Littleton,Colorado,and is now 17. PS He loves anything that has to with flying and is waiting patiantly untill he is old enough to fly a plane. Rydel Mary Lynch is the only girl in the band ,She was born in littleton,Colorado Aug 9,1993. She is an American singer,musician and dancer. She plays keyboard and tambourine R5 SONGS LOUD,CRAZY 4 YOU,SAY YOU"LL STAY,KEEP AWAY FROM THIS GIRL,I WANT YOU BAD,WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO,CHRISTMAS IS COMING,CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU,FALLING FOR YOU,ALL ABOUT THE GIRL,WISHING I WAS 23,AWAYS,THE HEAT IS ON,MY CONFESSION,READY SET ROCK,HERE COMES FOREVER,LOVE TO LOVE HER,TAKE YOU THERE.LOOK AT US NOW.
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