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The Cell

An analogy involving the cell and Tarot cards

Tenzing Kongtsa

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cell

Cell Analogy Project
The Animal Cell
Tarot Cards
The Emperor
The Empress
The Sun
The World
Wheel of Fortune
Tenzing R. Kongtsa
The nucleolus
Located within the nucleus, the nucleolus is responsible for the creation of ribosomes. The nucleolus also functions in the regulation of cell processes such as cell division.
The Empress signifies luxury, conception, abundance, and a need to care for others.
The most conspicuous organelle in a eukaryotic cell; all of the cell's functions are controlled by the nucleus.
The Emperor signifies power, authority, structure, and long term thinking.

Ribosomes carry out protein synthesis according to the instructions of the DNA. They are either free flowing or attached to the endoplasmic reticulum.
Temperance represents achieving harmony, reaching compromises, and creating harmonious union.
Golgi Apparatus
The mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration; the process that converts glucose into usable energy.
The Sun tarot card implies assurance, vitality, achieving greatness, and realizing the truth.
The cytoplasm is the clear gelatinous substance in which organelles and other components of the cell are found.
The World tarot card signifies integration, fulfillment, and maintaining dynamic balance.

A lysosome is a membranous sac of hydrolytic enzymes that
an animal cell uses to digest macromolecules and excess or worn out organelles.
The tarot card Death implies an ending and a new beginning, accepting the inevitable, and eliminating excess.
Locomotion organelles present in some animal cells. Flagella are long and few, whereas cilia are short and numerous.
The Strength card signifies a guiding force, being tolerant, and having an unshakeable resolve.

The plasma membrane functions as a selective barrier which allows passage of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes to service the entire cell.
The Justice card represents responsibility, determining the correct course of action, and accepting the results.
Plasma Membrane
The Golgi Apparatus is responsible for the modification and sorting of materials, which are then stored and later released in vesicles.
The Judgement card stands for the urge to act, making final decisions, and unburdening of the self.
Vesicles are sacs made of membrane used by the cell as organizational and transport tools.
The Wheel of Fortune suggests a change in the present course, becoming involved, and gaining greater perspective.


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