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Ted Turner!!

No description

konner kirwan

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Ted Turner!!

By: Konner Kirwan
Victoria Kaijser
Macenzie Humphreys what else? Gladwell said that he/she must be born in the right time period for his/her success. The 10,000 hour rule states that after one completes 10,000 hours worth of their profession or hobby, the person will have obtained mastery of it. What about Ted Turner? Ted Turner supports Malcolm Gladwell's theory of success through the 10,000 rule, and a wealthy family. In order to become successful you must come from a wealthy family or a family with a lot of connections. Early Life Timeline 2002 2007 2012 1997 1938 1941 1950 1956 Later on... His father made him manager
of one of Turner Advertising's branches.
Showed natural talent, doubled office's revenue in first year 1992 2002 His father began struggling financially, after buying out competitor
His dad shot himself in March Ted owned biggest ad company in
U.S., named it Turner
1980- aired CNN
1992- created Cartoon Network,
TNT, and TCM (Turner
Classic Movies) 1997 With his company the
leader in both television
and Internet industries, Ted sold it to Time Warner for 7.5 billion dollars. 2007 Time Warner merged with American Online (AOL)
Ted stayed and ran cable network, including HBO 2012 Dad joined navy and
brought wife and
daughter to Gulf Coast
Left Ted in boarding school feeling abandoned Ted wanted to sign up for U.S
Naval Academy
Father forced him to attend
Grades weren't good enough
so he enrolled in Brown
Ted was kicked out for having a
woman in his dorm room three
years later, the same year
his parents divorced. 1960 1963 1970 -
1992 1996 2001 Ted attended McCallie, an elite boarding school, and especially enjoyed military training 10,000 Hour Rule Came to the conclusion that Ted Turner had 10,000 hours of practice before his breakthrough based on the following: worked from an early age
-around 10 or 11
- learned every aspect of the outdoor ad business
At 24 years old, after father's death, took over failing business (1963)
-estimated atleast 80 hours a week (4000 hours per year)
-stayed in office days on end
-continued this way even after business was stabilized
-by 1970, seven years later, owned biggest ad company in the U.S. Wealthy Family Ted Turner came from a relatively weathly family.
his father owned a business selling billboards
-made a substantial profit
business grew and prospered till 1962
-Ted was 23 Wrapping it Up Turner was an ordinary man from a background of many mishaps, but still was able to create one of the most profound corporations that Ted Turner is an inspiration for anyone
whether coming from a privileged family
or one that struggles to make ends meet everyday. Even though his family was
already somewhat wealthy, it was Ted himself who took every opportunity he
had to become
successful. Not everyone is as lucky to be born
into a wealthy family or given 10,000 hours
to practice, but at some point everyone gets a chance to alter there lives with the smallest opportunity.
The choices we make determine our failures and successes for the rest of our life.
Ted chose to use his painful childhood as motivation to excel and get the most out of each opportunity. Giving Back Ted Turner donated a whopping
$1,000,000 to the United Nations.
Later, he created the Turner Foundation,
which was to focus on improving the environment. If you have ever heard of Captain Planet, Ted is the
mastermind who created him.
Also, he founded CNN so that the people would be able to have reliable worldwide news.
Ted has influenced so many people
around the globe by showing how
getting the most out of every opportunity
is the key to success. Gladwell and Turner Ted Turner is an outlier. Rather than go the dull path expected of someone with similar experiences, he stood out and proved that he could be successful. Gladwell identified that this is the recipe for success, and his point was proven in the story of Ted Turner. lead to his possible,and what success. made Cartoon Network about the man who no one really thinks cartoon in their life, but is still continuing on today. Everybody has watched a Gladwell's theories of becoming successful align nearly perfectly with Ted Turner. Thanks to his father, he was born into a wealthy household and achieved 10,000 hours of practice. Then, his dad's suicide was the opportunity that allowed Ted to apply his hours of learning and experience. No one has become successful all by themselves. It requires a combination of opportunities,determination, and persistence. in other words, you can't come from
nothing. Hockey has a cut off date in January. So anyone born in January, February, March and April has a better chance of getting on an elite team that practices more than kids born in December. FOR EXAMPLE, what did Gladwell say? The Long Run no one can become successful without this much practice Theoretically, Born November 19th
Cincinnati, Ohio
Abusive/ bipolar father who made substantial profit. Ted's experiences tested his willpower to push through any obstacle until the end -- to become successful. "Turner's approach to success has been straightforward: he came, saw
and conquered". (Stoddard 44) Who created
these? Ted
Turner Works Cited

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Evening Post 256.2 (1984): 44. MAS Ultra - School Edition. Web. 29 Apr. 2013.

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