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Cesar Nowicki

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Newspaper

Union General John Pope's war strategy seemed to be somewhat flawed in a battle against Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Approxiamtely 62,000 American men participated in the battle that took place in Manassas, Virginia. During the battle, Northern troops became caught in a crossfire from Southern armies. American men faced about 50,000 Conderate soldiers and came out of battle with an estimate of 14,000 casualties, while their Southern opponents amassed roughly 9,000 deaths. After three days of strategic fighting, August 27th through August 30th, the U.S.A. would ultimately not return home with a victory.

The Battle of Antietam
Now Is The Time
The Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest battle in history was a battle between the union and the confederates (north and south).Gerneral Robert E. Lee lead 40,000 Confederate soldiers into Maryland. The union was defeated then the two armys met up along Antietam Creek in Maryland on September 17, 1862. More soldiers we killed and wounded in the Battle of Antietam than all the American deaths in the American Revolution, War of 1812, and the Mexican American War combined. Union officer A.H. Nickerson later recalled "It seemed that everybody near me was killed."
Friday, September 5th, 1862
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Maria Yousif
The Seven Day battles started on June 26, 1862 and ended on July 1st. It had been one of the bloodiest week, producing more than 34,000 casualties (19,000 Confederates and 15,000 Unions)
The Leader of the war was Robert E. Lee. Lee had lost more than 1,500 men in the futile attack while the federals suffered only 450 casulaties.

ATTENTION all men above the age of 18. I have been authorized to recruit a squad to extend the period of volunteering for the fight in Confederate territory. Now is the time to join your men on the battle field and serve your country to win back what's ours
Union Loses To Confederates
Sketch by Edwin Forbes of the Second Battle of Bull Run




Lee crosses Maryland with info in his pocket about his plan, due to a fault in his plan, Mccellan finds the info and now knows his entire plans. Lee's plan was to split sides and attack from both sides. The first victory for the US



Supports abolitionists and wants to hurt the southerns economy, they supported the slaves to run away. The proclimation have some abolitionists angry due to that fact that it didn't ban them in the North only the Confederate States.

July 21, 1861: Union and Confederate armies clash on a farm near Manassas, Virginia. Union lead by General McDowell who had 35,000 troops.The first major battle of the upcoming war was the first loss of the union. The First Battle of Bull Run cause the Union to retreat. With around 480 men killed, around 1,000 men wounded and ariund 1,200 men missing, the Union suffered a grim defeat against the Confederates.
Seven Days Battle
The New York Tribune
Cartoon of the day
Lincoln Changes the Face of the War
Due to the recent victory in battle against Robert E. Lee's troops President Abraham Lincoln has written the Emancipation Proclimation which has banned slavery in all of the rebelling states in which will have to follow it once they are conquered. We all want slavery abolished but do we want it like this.
Brooke Holland
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