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Uses of Computers in Entertainment

No description

a z

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Uses of Computers in Entertainment

Introduction Today, computers are used in many sources of entertainment. This has helped people to make entertainment in an easier way. Movies Computer photo and video editing and animation programs are one of the sources behind most movies. These programs made possible for the film industries to make those special effects that we love. Movies and TV series in the internet Use of Computers in Entertainment
Many website services allow users to purchase individual tracks or albums directly to their computer. Most record labels take advantage of these services to make up for lost revenue from illegal downloading. Although, if users do not wish to purchase music, they can still stream music from many websites free but with advertisements. Computers also open a venue for many amateur musicians in the music industry to record their own music without a professional studio. Movies and streaming television are now at the click of a mouse button. Some websites offer free streaming episodes of certain TV series with Internet commercials. In some cases, users may not even need to pay for cable service or television because of all the free available video content online. Cartoon animation Music Using a professional animation program, 2D animation becomes less time consuming, and therefore cheaper to produce, since the cartoon animation program can generate the inbetweens that used to have to be drawn by hand. Videogames Computers have access to many peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouses, joysticks, controllers and more. Computer games also are highly customizable because computers can manipulate game files. In fact, computers are absolutely necessary for programming any sort of new video game. Conclusion In conclusion, computers are becoming a very important source of entertainment. Soon, they will be the most used electronic devices by the people.
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