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Phone Holder Designing Lesson

Freehand Sketches of Design Ideas, Design Development, Card Modelling and Sizes

Roger Pettit

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Phone Holder Designing Lesson

In order to design the product you will have to:
Sketch Design Ideas freehand onto paper
Select your best idea
Develop your Chosen Idea by thinking about it in more detail.
Make a Model of your chosen idea and test it to see if it works
CAD Work to manufacture the design.
Planning the Making
Using CAD
Computer Aided Designing
Draw/sketch Design Ideas freehand onto paper
Think of as many as you can.
Add labelling and notes to explain your ideas
Draw using black fine line pen and add colour
Try and draw in 2D and 3D to show your idea
Use your Research to help you with this.
eg Internet Research and Product Analysis
Design Development
Select your best idea
Develop your Chosen Idea by thinking about it in more detail.
You will need to use your Research to help you with this.
eg sizes of mobile phone
Card or paper models are made of ideas to:
Test them out to see if they work.
Work out sizes ready for starting planning manufacturing/making
Help you realise if an idea is not going to work
Models MUST be made FULL SIZE
Use the card/paper model to make any changes and add sizes to it in mms.
Next start drawing up your Design using CAD software called 2D Design
Your Design should be drawn up its real size
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