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335 Alexander & Greek Legacy

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rich canacci

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of 335 Alexander & Greek Legacy

The Legacy of Greece
Alexander the Great & the Greek Legacy
Alexander The Great

The main land of Greece is a peninsula.It also has steep rocky moutains.Not much fertile land.Surronded by seas
land surronded by water
The Greeks traded with each other. They also used coins for money Alexander created his own money.
the greek legacy culture
greek art and architecture introduced new styles and concepts that set standards for generations to artist around the world.
Alexander as taught by Aristotle
in 15 years of conquest Alexander never lost a battle
after defeating the Persians,Alexander started dressing like them
they believed in many gods
Apollo the god of music,poetry,art,light and knowledge
dionysus the god of the grape harvest and wine
poseidon the god of the sea,earthquakes,storms,and horses

-greeks inspired democracy
Greek believed in the gods. For them the gods were a science
greeks inspired language, alphabet, roots
greeks found out the Earth goes around the Sun
early greeks believed in gods
greeks inspired a lot of architecture that is still used to today
The Legacy of Greece
Many of our words today came from greek words
Geography of the legacy of Gree
Greek legacy
Geography meaning "writing about the earth".
greek astronomers developed a system of longitude and latitude
Greek Legacy
Rocky steep mountains
left many statues and ruins
Even ideas about how the world works for later civilizations
-they went threw different phases monarchy tyranny and oligarchy
Geography of Greece
Alexander the great's Culture
- democracy but differs from today
-longitude and latitude
Greece has few rivers and valleys
History of Greece
- economy based on trading goods
Alexander the Great was a king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon
He was a member of the Argead dynasty, an Ancient Greek royal house
It is a peninsula and in the mediterranean
has few valleys and plethera of mountains
a little gulf of water divided greece into a peninsula
from all the mountains greece had very little farmland
ronald alexander zambo
He was born in Pella in 356 BC
By: Telijah benjamin
by: damika wheat

Greece's Culture
the greeks held outdoor activities such as Races and other events.
the greeks also sailed and traded with other people, greek's learned phenocians.
Government of Greece
King Alexander was a monarch
these phenocians learned alphabet and writing as well.
Alexander extended his rule over Asia Minor
Alexander conquered a vast empire
by: cardell shepard
by: damika wheat
geography of the greek legacy
from ,Tayviont
geography of greek legacy
A greek geographer of ancient time was the greek scientist Ptolemy
by tayviont
The Legacy of Greece

Greeks believed in gods. To them these gods were a science
When the greeks lived they beleived their gods had to be given offers. Instead of killing people they insted sacificed food

athena Zeus Poesideon
The greeks also had their own alphebet which happens to be where most of our words come from
Greeks were a amazing group of people they showed us beutiful works of art like the statue i used as a background
Ariana Shockley
Hahahahahahaha Sucker!!!!!!!!!
The Legacy of Greece
Greeks introduced us to the concept of democracy. Many different forms of government were used but they single handedly made democracy
Greek people all had the rights to vote except for women and children
Many people found this unfair but it was only due to the fact that women had the jobs at home and took care every thing. Children jut had to come of age just like in todays world
Ariana Shockley
:Ronald Alexander Zambo
The Legacy of Greece

History of Alexander the great
Legacy Greece was based on direct democracy
In 621 B.C.E, Draco an Athenian lawmaker wrote the first legacy code
death with contract and property ownership it also includes debt slavery
Born 356-323b.c
Father king philip and Mother queen olmpia
Tutored by aristole
Alexander conquered persia and egypt
Age 32 died from malaria
Alexander garnered the support of the macedonian army
americas still use greek words today
by keon jones
The Legacy of Greece
Government of Alexander the great
Government monarch
Egypt worshipped alexander as a god
In greek he was a comander and chief
He created a ruling class by intermarriage
They spoke many different languages
We still use some greek words
Women were not citizens only men
20 cities that bore Alexanders name and they became centers of culture and diversity. The most important was Alexandria
Alexander the great's economy
The Legacy of Greece
Geography the word comes from the greek word of Earth
They developed longitude and latitude
Wrote a book called Geography that listed over 8000 places
Contains maps that showed how to represent the carved Earth on a flat surface
by keon jones
Alexander built many cities, which became prosperous in terms of economy.
Alexander also used the coins from Greece that were the common currency. By:Telijah Benjamin
Legacy of Greece
by: Sinead Robertson
by: Sinead Robertson
they depended on imported goods
They would trade for craftsman because of their poor soil
Economy was primarily understood in terms of the local management

by:Iviona Jackson
by:Iviona Jackson
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