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Murtaza Mehmood

My Resume

Murtaza Mehmood

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Murtaza Mehmood

WORLD OF MY RESUME I am a first-year MBA student at IQRA University with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. I graduated from the University of Karachi with bachelor's degree in Commerce. Before beginning the MBA program, I worked as an Assistant Relationship Manager at Alpha Marketing Solutions.After completing the masters degree i want to start my own travelling agency or to fly abroad in any Gulf country to get a good job. DATE OF BIRTH May 30 1989 Place Of Birth World of my Resume Kuwait City Welcome to my Welcome to my Educational background I did My Matriculation in Computer
Science from exploring more... And the journey continues... Welcome to I love to browse
Informative Websites My speciality is Backstroke &
Freestyle Poker Simply love this game Yet more to come... Actor Actress Movie - Coordinate with ORIX Marketing team for debit card - With technical team for resolving - Coordinate with banks regarding debit card payment - Working with my team to perform for daily basis - Coordinate with acquirer bank for agreement sign up payments issues activites TV Series Have Fun... Have a safe journey.. Destination... Me and My Father With My Cousins... With my Elder Brother.. Murtaza Mehmood Welcome to my Welcome to What is POS Welcome to my Relationship Manager (2009-2011) I want to start my own Travel
Agency (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr If i get a chance to go abroad, i would settle in
any Gulf Country Kuwait City And Intermediate in Pre-Engineering
from Bachelors in Commerce
from POS issues I want to go abroad for higher Studies
after MBA
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