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Award Winning Digital Storytelling Projects

Bringing the outside world into the classroom!

Lori Speer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Award Winning Digital Storytelling Projects

Defining Digital Storytelling At it's simplest level, digital storytelling can be defined as the telling of stories on a computer through words, pictures, video, and/or audio. In general, digital stories are: Often made up of old snapshots and clip-art.
Narrated by the author
Usually 1 to 5 minutes long.
Often autobiographical.
Often emotional, sometimes therapeutic.
Can be shared on the web.
Can be any type of story
Digital stories can include any or all of these components: words
still photos
graphics, icons, symbols
pictures from the Web, clip-art
video clips
recorded narration, on-location recordings
music, sound effects
animation List of templates found in "Digital Storytelling Projects" are: All About Me
-A multimedia autobiography
Family History Video Essay
-Profile your cultural heritage
Word Builders
-A story about a new vocabulary word
Digital Diary
-Photojournalism assignment
My Review
-Digital Book Review
-An expository essay
Tell a Tale
-Make up a fairy tale
-Illustrate a poem
No Words
-Tell a story using just pictures
My Report
-Create a report on any topic

Create an Ad
-Sell a product or persuade people into action
Make a Difference
-Document a local problem
Vocabulary Builders
-Tell a story using new vocabulary words
Take a Trip
-Recount a fieldtrip or other trip you've been on
Guess Who
-Give 8 clues about a person who you are profiling
Special Person
-Write about the most interesting person you have met
Special Place
-Write about a place you have been or want to visit
Special Thing
-Share a story about some object that has special meaning to you
How To
-Explain how to do something step by step
Creature Features
-Write a story about a non-human character, real or mythical Other Key Features Are: Extensive teachers material such as:
-Lesson Plans
-tied to national standards in English
and Technology
-A walk through tutorial with files to build
a sample digital story
-Several completed digital stories as examples
An Example of the multimedia outcome for the "All About Me" assignment (from the book).
In Conclusion, People love to hear and tell stories,
Digital StoryTelling brings the
story to life! Note: VideoStudio X2 is not included on the Digital StoryTelling
CD-ROM. Program must be purchased. "All About Me"
Lesson Plan and Rubric
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