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neutral safety switch

by: Miguel Donoso

miguel donoso

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of neutral safety switch

operation the function of the neutral safety switch is to disable the starter operation when the vehicle is not in neutral or park. vehicles that use a neutral safety switch neutral safety switch the neutral safety switch is prominently on automatic vehicles, though it can be on manual automobile only connected to the clutch pedal, sometimes called a clutch safety switch. the clutch safety switch is activated only when the clutch is depressed. principals of operation a neutral safety switch acts by comparing the current in two neutral conductors when the current in both the conductors is not equal the switch will trip. (in English that means that that the neutral safety switch creates an open switch when the car is not in park or neutral. Therefore the current cannot go from the ignition switch to the starter) other facts about the N,S,S did you know that the neutral safety switch not only controls the starting of the vehicle but also controls the back light also. bibliography http://www.2carpros.com/articles/how-a-neutral-safety-switch-works
http://www.life123.com/cars-vehicles/repair-troubleshooting/neutral-safety-switch/how-to-replace-the-neutral-safety-switch.shtml the neutral safety switch will prevent your car from starting if it is in drive. This is done to prevent it the car from immediately taking off the moment the keys are inserted in the key slot. to prevent this the neutral safety switch is inserted. the location of the neutral safety switch the typical location of the neutral safety switch is between the ignition switch and the starter. in the engine it is located in a black box behind the transmission gear shift lever problems with the neutral safety switch problems if the neutral safety switch is misaligned or stops functioning altogether a car will not know whether it is in part or not, and therefore car will not start testing the neutral safety switch to test the N,S,S you must see if the car starts in park, if it does not start (with your foot on the brakes) change the vehicle switch to neutral and try again if the engine starts in neutral the switch is bad. This could also mean that that the security alarm's circuit is disconnected.
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