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AM - FredPerry

No description

William Hernandez

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of AM - FredPerry


Presented by:
FASH 2008 Marketing Plan Development
Mission Statement / Introduction

Our job is to help Fred Perry branch off into a different market to provide their customers with more options to fit their everyday needs.

Versatile brand; rapidly taking over the British subcultures with its iconic and unique styles.

A respected association among professional athletes and highly regarded individuals.
Company Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Product Objective
Target Market
Points of Difference
Heritage brand with 60 years of history
One of first menswear brands to merge streetwear and sportswear.
Continues to carry a contemporary relevance while maintaining solid British roots
Heavy involvement in sports, music and art throughout the years stimulating its diverse appeal

Fred Perry focuses on maintaining its integral British edge with its combination of premium quality and affordability the brand is known for.
Overview of Canadian Menswear Market

Stores located in over 50 countries, has a vast and adaptable target market

Title as "first crossover brand from sportswear to street wear
Never branched away from its successful status as a sportswear and street wear brand

May be difficult to successfully integrate alongside with other reputable brands and companies
Already established, could integrate their tailored menswear line successfully

Adding a new edge for their loyal consumers and interested fashion innovators
With a successful past in combining two very different menswear categories and target markets, Fred Perry will continue that trend by creating a new angle to their brand
Well established stores are already selling well-known tailored menswear brands

Very competitive market for tailored menswear
Consumers who have already chosen their go-to tailored menswear brand can be hard to branch onto Fred Perry tailored line.
Fred Perry is a British Sportswear brand that prides itself on authenticity and integrity.

It all started in the late 1940’s, when former Austrian football player Tibby Wegner and three times Wimbledon champion Fred Perry came up with the idea of a ‘sweatband’.

In 1952, Fred Perry and Tibby Wegner introduced the classic and most famous garment to hit Fred Perry shelves, the slim fit cotton pique shirt with Laurel wreath embroidery.
Catering not only to athletes, but a whole new British fashion culture that would travel globally to inspire fashion innovators around the world.

Fred Perry executes simple, but hard-hitting marketing initiatives by creating advertisements that are very true and representative to their brand.

Their brand emulates an iconic edge of heritage.
With both brands originating in the UK, we know that this will not only be competition in North American but globally.
Carrying not only sportswear, and tailored menswear, but garments for every member of the family.
Ted Baker has reached target markets around the world for its wide range in collections and holds the title for one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands
Ralph Lauren utilizes the right marketing tactics and tools to make their new collections
as successful as their
of the
Providing quality, and a world-renowned collection of garments ranging from sportswear to suiting
alongside women
and children’s
With stores all over the world and Ralph Lauren clothing are in every department store you could name, we are quick to name Ralph Lauren as a top competitor for Fred Perry.
They have a classic and well-branded style much like Fred Perry does, branching out even further with kids and women’s wear.
The business includes retail and outlet stores nationwide, an ever growing audience online and an increase in sales in catalogue purchases.
Integrate a tailored menswear line under the Fred Perry brand to expand the offerings of the already well-known brand in order to increase sales and in turn, increase profits.
Cater to more of our customer’s professional needs.
Contemporary working class males
18 - 45 years of age
Drawn to quality clean lined aesthetics
Continue to integrate the new tailored menswear
line into the life of the customer through
musicians and athletes.
Brand awareness:
events, sponsorships, designer collaborations, & social media
Product/Market Strategy
We have decided to take on an expansion product-market strategy through product development in which we will introduce and sell a new tailored menswear line under the Fred Perry brand for the existing Canadian market.
Fred Perry will be carrying a tailored menswear line with key categories of woven
shirts, trousers, sport coats and footwear.

The new line will be differentiated by more tailored fits and richer fabrics.

By using these existing categories as the basis of the new line, the brand will still
be offering products it was originally
rooted with.

Introducing the sport coats will elevate the sophistication of the line in order to offer variety in categories to meet more of customer needs.

The pieces of the tailored menswear line will exemplify quality at affordable price points.

Woven Shirts: $110 - $140
Trousers: $160 - $200
Footwear: $180 - $220
Sport Coats: $200 - $300
ex. styles given (with price range):
The new tailored line will be available through its current distribution channels such as the current Fred Perry store in downtown Toronto, Hudson's Bay and Harry Rosen
Social Media:
Magazine Spread
source: NPD Canadian Consumer Tracking Service for Apparel
Period: R12 m/e June 2013
Quick Promo Video
Marketing Objectives
and Strategy

We will take Fred Perry, an already well-known brand and help guide it into expansions to increase sales and profit.
Strategic Plan/Focus:
As the basis of our business plan, we have chosen the strategic approach of product development in increasing the sales and profits of Fred Perry. Brand extension is a product development approach that would be effective in increasing and leveraging brand equity as we introduce a merge of tailored menswear to the existing customer base. In order to successfully capture the interest of the current market, it is important to incorporate the comfort and versatility of their casual wear into their new tailored line.
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