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The Time Machine

No description

Franzi Bouvreuil

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of The Time Machine

1. The author H.G. Wells
2. Facts about the novel
3. The plot
4. Utopia or dystopia?
5. Wells' intention/ message
6. My sources

H. G. Wells
- Full name Herbert George Wells
- 1866 - 1946 in England
- Working class background
- Studied science

Facts about the novel
- Published in 1895
- First novel written by Wells
- First science fiction novel
- No heavy character
- Includes recent theories in astronomy and geology, deals with evolution and geometry
The plot
The Time Machine
- Wrote many essays, articles and nonfiction books
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Invisible

The War of the Worlds
- Bestseller:
Outline of History
- 1920 he met Vladimir Lenin
- He had the opportunity to talk to Josef Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt
- Novel has been made into comics and films
-> two famous films: The Time Machine (1960) and The Time Machine (2002)
Wells' message
- The Eloi and the Morlocks are mirroring the social class system of the Victorian England
- "Above ground you must have the Haves, pursuing pleasure and comfort and beauty, and below ground the Have-nots, Workers getting continually adapted to the conditions of their labour."

Utopia or dystopia?
- After the discovery of the Eloi: indications of an utopian world
- The Eloi live in a paradisiac environment
- Story becomes dystopian when the Time Traveller discovers the Morlocks
- The Morlocks are the workers for the Eloi -> capitalism
- The story becomes even worse when the Time Traveller finds out that the Morlocks prey on the Eloi
- The novel almost ends in a catastrophe
- The Time Traveller finds the earth and sun dying
- Only life left: crablike creatures and lichen
Text sources:
- H.G.Wells (+Greg Bear):
The Time Machine
, Signet Classic, 2002
- http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/timemachine/section7.rhtml, 07.09.2014
- http://www.academia.edu/1338946/THE_TIME_MACHINE_A_DYSTOPIC_UTOPIA, 07.09.2014
- http://www.biograpy.com/people/hg-wells-39224#synopsis, 30.08.2014
Image sources:
- Image: Morlocks:
- Image: H.G. Wells
- Image: cover
- Image: time traveller
- Image: time machine
- Image: Eloi
- Image: Sphinx
- Image: end oft he world
- Image: green porcelain palace
- Image: fight against Morlocks

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