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Lawn Restoration

No description

Garrett Glassman

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Lawn Restoration

How to reclaim your lawn Lawn Restoration Research Research Step four you will need to do the three W's. Water, wait and watch.
Step five once the new grass has started to sprout you need to aerate then seed AGAIN...
Step six is the same as step five. You just need to wait and watch for where your new grass comes up. Community Involvement Garrett Glassman Hello my name is Garrett Glassman. My senior project is Lawn Restoration. No one wants to have weeds in their lawn.
The first step for having a great lawn is to strip the soil of all weeds and roots.
Step two you will need to bring in some new top soil.
Step three is to choose if you want to sod or use seed. Community Involvement Spraying the pitchers mound and dirt around the entire field. Spreading Fertilizer in the outfield and infield. Educational Stretch I learned why you really aerate a lawn.
How some customers can act toward you.
How stressful it can be owning a lawn care business. Conclusion Always best to work on things a little bit everyday than in one night.
It's not hard but just a lot of work.
Deadlines are important.
Used a new presentation called Prezi
I like to argue back at people that irritate me.
Don't like to talk to people over the phone.
VERY impatient person.
Have you ever sat down to think what makes the grass grow,
Have you ever wondered what makes the grass green?
The same thing that makes the grass grow makes the sun show,
The same thing that makes the grass green gives every living thing its genes.
We cut the grass to make it look nice and neat,
The reason we spray is to keep out the weeds.
So the grass is soft for your feet,
Our fertilizer looks like little beads. Research Genre
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