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No description

Lilly Burba

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Picardie

(En Francais, Picardie) Zone: 19,399 square km.
Population: A propos de 1,863,500
Climat: Tempéré humide
Capitale: Amiens Lorsqu'il est en France?
C'est dans le centre nord de France.
http://www.francekeys.com/english/regions/picardie.shtml Principales villes:
Laon Sources http://www.citypopulation.de/France-Picardie.html Historically, France was born here when Clovis made Soissons the first capital of the Franks, in 486, and later Hugues Capet, elected king of France at Senlis, was crowned at Noyon in 987. This proud past made Picardy the first French region, not only for historical buildings and monuments but, also, the premier region for its Gothic cathedrals. Amiens has been specially honored, by UNESCO, for its architectural heritage. Picardy includes many beautiful examples of gothic art and architecture including six cathedrals in Senlis,soissons, Noyon, Amiens, Laon and Beauvais.
Picardy is also rich of museums with their varied collections of archaeology, art, popular traditions, writers and war history. http://www.french-property.com/regions/picardie/heritage.htm Famous foods from Picardie include Amiens duck pate and gateau baltu cake. There is a famous band called Roses de Picardie. http://www.haydnwoodmusic.com/rosesdepicardiediscographie.htm Picardie is mainly famous for its battlefields from the first and second world wars. Famous people from Picardie include Jean de La Fontaine, a famous poet, and Suzanne Guermard, an actress known best for her movie "A pied, a cheval et en voiture (A foot, horse and carriage)" http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/guide/georegion/511-north-east-france/154-picardie http://www.museumland.net/case_persone_famose/writers.html http://people.famouswhy.com/suzanne_guemard/ A Prezi By Lilly Burba Commençons! C'est fini!
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