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Zoe Neuhard

on 15 May 2013

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Do Now Reflect! Why MCR Broke Up Thanks for watching! Do you know who My Chemical Romance is? Why MCR Broke Up Factor #2-
Doomsday Device Why do you think the band broke up? Who is MCR? My Chemical Romance is an alternative rock band from New Jersey who formed in 2001. Factor #1-
Reassurance to fans If so, do you know any of their songs? Gerard Way, lead vocals Frank Iero, guitar Ray Toro, guitar Mikey Way, bass Albums I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys The Black Parade Objectives The students will learn: Who My Chemical Romance is Why they broke up What is your opinion on the music? You will be turning this in... The history of the band Band formed a week after 9/11 attacks 2001 2004 First album, Second Album, Third album, 2006 Fourth Album, 2010 My Chemical Romance
Breaks Up 2013 Formed by Gerard Way and Matt Pelisser Ray Toro and Frank Iero recruited to play guitar Mikey Way learns electric bass and joins "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" comes out Signed a label with Eyeball Records 2002 Any Questions? Inspired by 9/11 attacks (Gerard has one) Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is released Went platinum in a year Signed with Reprise Records Replaced drummer, Matt Pelisser, with Bob Bryar Went on Warped and Taste of Chaos Tours with bands like Green Day and Fall Out Boy The Black Parade is released Mikey Way gets married and has to skip some performances Won multiple awards and went on many tours Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comes out Drummer Bob Bryar leaves, replaced by Michael Pedicone, who was replaced by Jarrod Alexander Featured a more pop rock theme instead of punk rock Predict Why MCR Broke Up Factor #3-
Acting No one's fault No fighting or arguments The problem has been there for a while, whether MCR members realized it or not Fiction, Friction, Creation, Destruction, Opposition, Aggression, Ambition, Heart, Hate, Courage, Spite, Beauty, Desperation, Love, Fear, Glamor, Weakness, Hope, Fatalism Characteristics of MCR: "Device" would "explode" if certain events happened or stopped happening Gerard felt like he was acting while onstage and detached from the audience “I am acting. I never act onstage, even when it appears that I am." Pictures! History of My Chemical Romance By Zoe Neuhard & Safia Sidek Trivia Album Meaning What year was the band formed? Name one of My Chemical Romance's albums Name a MCR band member and their instrument What colors have Gerard dyed his hair? Killjoy Characters Gerard Way - Party Poison Mikey Way - Kobra Kid Frank Iero - Fun Ghoul Ray Toro - Jet Star What was the name of the song we had you hear earlier? (Extra candy if you can name the album.) Name at least one of the band members' killjoy names What was one reason the band broke up? Trivia Continued Killjoys vs. BL/IND (Better Living Industries) "Art is the weapon" Name at least three characteristics we mentioned that the band has Killjoys: Colorful, full of life, artistic BL/IND: Monochromatic, utopian What is the "Doomsday Device"? Motto: Have fun and be unique, rather than following the rest of society What is the name of the organization the "Killjoys" are fighting against? Write this down on a piece of paper. Breakup Write this down on a piece of paper. Name a song by MCR (that isn't Sing)
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