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St Cyril of Jerusalem

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Incarnation Catholic

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of St Cyril of Jerusalem

What's Doctor of the Church? A doctor of the church are the saintly theologians of any centuries whose writing are outstanding in guiding the faithful at all times. There are 35 Doctors of the Church in history. I am going to talk about one of them who was one of the
people that tried to stop the Arian Heresty.
St. Cyril of Jerusalem

St. Cyril of Jerusalem's feast
day was March 18.
What is St. Cyril of Jerusalem's feast day?
St. Cyril of Jeruslaem is the patron saint of the patriots of Jerusalem. The reason why is because he was the archbishop of Jerusalem. He always serve Jerusalem and never give up on it.
What is St. Cyril of Jerusalem the patron of?
St. Cyril was the archbishop of Jerusalem.
He help the councils to decide on the Arian Heresty.
He has been banned as a bishop 3 time. He have been acuse of things he did do to help the people.
There was a famine once and many people were homeless. He sold many furnitures and sacred objects in the church to buy supplies for the victims of the famine.
Acacius of Caesarea, a bishop accuse Cyril of destroying the church. He was actually jealous because St. Cyril was love by many people.
He was born in 313 to 386
Interesting Fact about St. Cyril of Jerusalem
St. Cyril wrote the doctrine that talk about the how the bread and wine is not a mere element but it is the body and blood of Christ. He also wrote about the Ressurection of Christ which no other Doctors of the Church have ever did! St. Cyril also talk how sin is the consequence of freedom, not a natural condition. The body is not the cause, but the instrument of sin. The remedy for it is repentance, on which he insists.
What did St. Cyril of Jerusalem write about that was influential?
Work Cited
By Savannah Nguyen
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

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Catholic Online is very helpful to many young Catholic who wants to learn more about saints and more

"Cyril of Jerusalem." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Dec. 2014.
Wikipedia is a great search page for kids to know

The Council of Nicea
The Council of Constinople
The Arian Heresty
Fun Fact about St. Cyril
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