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Street Lighting as Crime Prevention

This is a video on who street lighting is used to help prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

Shannon Winfield

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Street Lighting as Crime Prevention

Street Lighting The history of our lighting system &
It can be done with your help!

Contact your city council and let them know about the problem.

Put a petitions together with local schools, community agencies and local police departments! Street lighting can
help prevent crime Street lighting was started in 9th - 10th centuries.

In London 1417 during the Sir Henry Barton era with lanterns hanging outside in the winter.

Famous Philadelphia postmaster Ben Franklin

William Murdoch 1792 inventor of the gas light

Thomas Edison improved on the light bulb invention in 1879

isglighting, (N.D.) One way to save money Finding new ways to help out the cities budget. Crime Prevention Studies There has been a few studies done where street
lighting has helped keep crime down. Turn your light bulb on! Sit and think about lighting in your life for a second...
from having night lights, to leaving the front porch
light on for family coming home.

Lighting has been a staple in our security for a long time.

It may seem like it has no true meaning
to you until you focus you mind
on the true fact.

Which is that lighting up a path for you and
the children in our lives are what we do.

So... Home Office Research Study 251 Effects of improved street lighting on crime: a systematic review. Farrington D. & Welsh B., (2002). Improving Street Lighting to Reduce Crime in Residential Areas. Clarke, (2008).

The financial benefits of improved street lighting, based on crime reduction. Farrington D. & Painter K. (2000). These are just a few studies that I found but I did locate a newer
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