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Elements of a Short Story

No description

Joanna Bussey

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Elements of a Short Story

Elements of a Short Story
What is a short story?
The Five Key Elements of a short Story
1. Setting
2. Plot
3. Character
4. Conflict
5. Theme
So now we can successfully read short stories, but first lets watch this video!
Short Stories
Short Stories are short works of fiction that combine all five of the key elements of fiction.

a short work of fiction
is the time and place in which the action of a literary works occurs. Look for clues in about the setting in opening paragraphs of the story.
is the action or sequence of events in a story. It is based on the key conflict. There are five basic parts of the plot.

is a person, animal, or imaginary creature that takes part in the action of a story
Main Character- protagonist
Minor Characters- less important
Static Characters- stay the same throughout the story
Dynamic Characters- change from beginning to end
the struggle that the character must overcome. There are 5 types of conflict

is a statement about life and the authors wants to convey to the reader. Sometimes they will make it clear, and other times we will have to use inferences.
1. person v. person- problem with another character
2. person v. society- problem with laws or beliefs
3. person v. nature- problem with environment
4. person v. self- problem deciding what to think or do
5. person v. fate- problem that seems uncontrollable.
The beginning of the story in which characters and the setting is introduced.
Rising Action
The problem/conflict is introduced.
The high point in the story. The main event that the character faces
Falling Action
The story begins to wind down. This shows the results of the climax
The conclusion of the story. The conflict is resolved.
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