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No description

Umul Lalee

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive


Some mascaras also have retinyl palmitate and parabens. These two ingredients are have said to be used as preservatives and have the ability to mimic estrogen by interfering with the endocrine system.
Eye Liner?
Or.... are those just nicknames?
What do you REALLY put on your face?
does it enhance it, or diminish it?

There are a lot of toxic proponents in mascara, such as Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Propylaraben, all of which are capable of causing allergic reactions and also skin rashes. Also, synthetic colors are usually used and are often labeled as either D&C or FD&C. These colors are said to be carcinogenic, which means that they are capable of causing cancer. Strong fragrances are also used in most mascara in order to help cover up the harsh chemical odors.
Although it has the ability to add a touch of both color and glamor to your overall look, research shows that lipstick contains a trace of lead. More so than that, new studies shows that in a variety of brands, there are eight other metals inside their lipstick, such as cadmium and aluminum.
Lipstick can also contain retinyl palmitate , oxybenzone, and fragrance chemicals.
In many recent cases, mercury has been found in toxic levels in imported skin creams, such as concealer. This issue is gaining in importance due to the undeniable, serious side affects that people are being exposed to. Many people are actually getting sick because of the contamination that are in these products.
Although blush is often used for its rosy glow, it is considered to be possible human carcinogens as well a toxic to the immune and respiratory systems. This can lead to health issues if it continues its prolonged exposure.
Most women use powder in order to eliminate a portion of the shine concealers give them; but while doing so, they are also apply retinyl palmitate, which has been linked to cancer in lab animals. Also, the tinted coloring of powder comes from "lake" dyes which also contains dangerous metals.
Used to accenuate and highlight the shape of our eyes, eyeliner has been a key cosmetic filled with numerous metals. From arsenic to zinc, these potentially dangerous ingredients has found its way in eyeliner.
All eyeliners also heavily attract bacteria. You can easily transer these germs from inside the eyeliner botttle directly to your eyelids. Many infections, such as pink eye, can be a result of using contaminated eyeliner.
If you are still convinced that using make-up daily is the way to go, consider switching to natural cosmetics to help preserve your overall health and skin care.
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