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Dairy Industry In Tasmania

No description

Kate Munday

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Dairy Industry In Tasmania

Dairy Industry In Tasmania
When it comes to the dairy industry, there are a wide arrange of occupations in both farm and factory bound.
Farming opportunities include:
Farm employee
Contract Milker
Share farmer
Farm Manager
Farm Owner
Equity Partner
Over the past 10 years milk engenderment in the Tasmanian Dairy Industry has perpetuated to grow at an average rate of proximate to 5%pa. There has been a 43% increase in engenderment compared to a national decrease of 4%. Tasmania is the only State of Australia to show growth. This is predicated around sustainable farm management practices, efficient on farm engenderment systems and a relatively propitious climate for pasture predicated dairy farming. Tasmania produces around 9% of the Nation's milk.
Dairy Industry in Tasmania
The value of the productions of milk in Tasmania in 2014-2015 was around 370 million dollars
Careers in the Dairy Industry
wider dairy opportunities include:
Factory employment
Factory Field Officer
Veterinary Practice
Farm Management Consultant
Food Technologist
Herd Testing
Agronomic advice
Dairy Research
There are 440 dairy farms in Tasmania which produced 883 million liters of milk between the years 2015-2016
Our Tasmanian milk is used in cheese, powder for export and fresh produce mainly.
Around 8% of Tasmanian milk is used as drinking milk
Around 90 per cent of Tasmania’s 883 million litres of milk is utilized for manufacturing into cheese, milk and whey powders and chocolate products. The remaining ten per cent supplies the local fresh milk market.
Milk exports all to China
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