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Steve Jobs

by Mya Clayton

Audrey Clayton

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs
Born Feb. 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California
Biological parents had to put him up for adoption.
Steve grew up in a neighborhood where people built things with electronics on weekends for fun. At the age of 13, he met this really cool person, Stephen Wozniak (18) - a kid who loved electronics too.
Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.
Moved to a city called Mountain View. This became Silicon Valley in the early 1950's. (Silicon Valley is where a lot of technology people work.)
High School Years
Homestead High School in 1971.
This is where he met Wozniak while he was at his first job at Hewlitt-Packard (a computer company).
College Years
Reed College in Oregon.
He stayed in college for 18 months, then dropped out because it cost too much, and he also had interests in other things.
(He did take a Calligraphy course and he liked that.)
Cool facts about Steve Jobs
He made a computer company called Macintosh
(and Macintosh is a kind of apple).
Steve Jobs died when I was 8
Steve Jobs was once quoted saying that if he hadn't taken that Calligraphy class in college, Apple computers wouldn't have as many as they do.
He moved to Oregon with friends and took care of
apple trees.
(Jobs had a bit of a temper.)
Steve Jobs
Apple was born on April 1, 1976
in Jobs' garage.
The First
Apple Computer
Stephen Wozniak wanted a computer for himself.
Then his friend Jobs realized he could sell it.
While Jobs was selling the first Apple computer,
Woz was creating
the Apple II.
Jobs got some money to grow
the company.
He helped make Xerox.
He created Macintosh,
(a smaller, faster computer
with a mouse) because he was
mad about another project he had started called Lisa.
Later, he was kicked out of the Apple company.
So he started a new company called NeXT -
and he worked to make a better computer.
He invested his money in PIXAR when they only had
the idea to make movies from computer animation.
When PIXAR won an award for their first movie,
"Tin Toy," Jobs really got interested.
And when his NeXT company began to fail, he put
all his time into the next big PIXAR thing -
"Toy Story" which came out in November 1995.
Back to Apple
Steve came back to Apple in 1996,
and the new CEO, Gil Amelio was there.

He bought Jobs' NeXT company. Then he
left Apple and Jobs became the CEO of Apple
in 1997.
First iMac
Then they came out with:
iPods - in October 2001
iPads - in January 2010
iCloud - in June 2011
Steve Jobs as Woody
I think it's cool that Steve Jobs was a big part
Steve Jobs died of
pancreatic cancer

October 5, 2011

at 56 years old
He had a job at Atari when he was young.
Atari was the first gaming company.
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