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Maximum Tier One: Improving Instruction

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Jessica Snoberger

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Maximum Tier One: Improving Instruction

Improving Full Class Instruction RULES Step #1: Remove Barriers Step #2 Teach Routines Split full class
Those that get it.
Those that don't. Start of class
End of class
Finished with work Step #3: Splitting the Class Maximum Tier One: Good teaching
is harder
than bad teaching. Rule #1 Not all teachers
have the same skill set. Rule #2 All good teaching
does not look the same. Rule #3 Small changes can make a big difference. Rule #4 Usable Strategies
Have a good time Goals Power and Control
Lack of Confidence
Lack of Relationships
Lack of Goals Barriers to Learning Power and Control 10-15% of students have control issues with teachers Group punishment and rewards are damaging
students feel like they lose control
group rewards are just as damaging
If everyone brings a book... what about the kid who always brings a book?
Strive for individual rewards and punishments Lack of Student Confidence How big is this barrier?

Not a problem................All over my classroom "If I try, do I have a chance at being successful today?
If a student cannot answer yes to this, they are not going to try. Instead of spending so much time on student deficiencies, spend your time teaching and encouraging them. How big is this barrier?

Not a problem................All over my classroom Lack of Relationships Students have to have some positive relationships in the classroom.
Either with the teacher or other students. Implement activities that build trust.
Human knot
Line up by birthday without talking or writing Building relationships lead to trust and openness. How big is this barrier?

Not a problem................All over my classroom Lack of Student Goals and Life Plan The highest risk student is the student who doesn't have a plan.
Nothing you teach will be relevant to them. Implement weekly goal setting
Students will struggle with this at first.
students may set social, academic, organizational, or study goals.
Sometimes students may even set goals that have nothing to do with school.
By the end of the year they will set goals 36 times.
Can you think of anything you have done 36 times that you did not improve on? How big is this barrier?

Not a problem................All over my classroom If you have removed barriers, then you can move on to step #2. Four Steps to Teach Routines
Counter Examples
Practice When You have step #1 (removing barriers) and step #2 (teaching routines) in place, then move on to step #3. Week 1: Teach about individual differences
What if everyone who went to the hospital received the same care? Week 2: Build a Tolerance
Give the same assignment on two different colors of paper. Week 3: Two different assignments each day for a week
equal in length
equal in difficulty
assigned randomly Week 4: Two Assignments
One is more difficult than the other
Parts of the assignment overlap
Questions progressively get harder What to do when finished is a critical routine when splitting the class. Don't evaluate classroom strategies based on how your worst student will respond, rather on how the majority of your students will respond. At your table, discuss ways you have successfully split your class or what you might try. totalrti.com Passwords (under resources tab):
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