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Rebecca L

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Ireland

Facts about Ireland
The Irish History
The first residents
Good to know...
The capital Dublin
in Ireland
Do you have any questions?
. http://geology.com/world/europe-map.gif

. http://i.infoplease.com/images/mireland.gif

The shamrock
Irish Gaelic
Don't confuse Ireland with Northern Ireland!
Northern Ireland is a part of the UK. Ireland not.

. http://picture.yatego.com/images/416a3a868badb7.0/big_flagge_irland_tab-kqh/flagge-fahne-nationalflagge-mit-sen-irland-hissflagge--sehr-gute-qualitt.jpg

The first conqueror
The British are coming
English authority
Ireland was settled for the first time around 10.000 BC
these nations get called: "Tuatha de Danaan" or "Firbolgs"

fourth century BC: Celtic immigrants lived in Ireland

many small kingdoms -> five dominions (Ulster, Connacht, Leinster, Munster)
capital: Tara

evangelized by the missionary Patrick
7th century: religion, churches and abbeys became more and more important

795 - 11th century: invasions by the Vikings who settled in Ireland
1014: King Brian Boru defeated the Vikings in the battle of Clontarf
. http://www.planet-wissen.de/laender_leute/irland/geschichte_irlands/img/intro_irland_church_g.jpg
. http://www.trolljenta.no/pic/div/wik.jpg
1171 / 72: King Henry II invaded Ireland
feudal system by the English barons

1534: King Henry VIII established the Anglican Church of England
he declared himself the King of Ireland
insurgences of the Irish Catholic
. www.luminarium.org/renlit/henry8joosvancleve.jpg
. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/King_Henry_II_from_NPG.jpg
1603: Kind Jacob I introduced the central government in Dublin and the English "common law"

1690: English-Catholic King James II failed because of the protestant William of Orange
the English aristocracy dominated in Ireland

trade bans for Irish wool products -> Ireland became poor
. http://www.taroscopes.com/miscimages/irelandmap.jpg
. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/46/WilliamOfOrange1580.jpg
1800: Ireland became a part of Britain
common parliament in London
1845 - 1850: potato blight -> 2 million Irish people died
1914: near to a civil war
Easter Rising and independence
1916: Easter Rising in Dublin against England
1919 - 1921: War of Independence
6th of December, 1921: Iris Free State
partition in two parts -> the Protestant counties in the north (Ulster) remained by their own choice in England
1937: new constitution -> Gaelic name of Éire
1949: republic
1955: member of United Nations
economy problems -> emigration
1960s: certain stabilization of economy
1973: oil crisis -> global economic crisis

. http://www.wall-art.de/img/Wandsticker_Irland_Eire_einzel.jpg
. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/DublinMontage.jpg
. http://mem-artceramics.com/images/02649J.jpg
The colour green
. http://www.spox.com/de/sport/fussball/wm/wm2010/wm-qualifikation/Bilder/fans-irland-514.jpg

. http://www.everyculture.com/wc/images/jwec_04_img0044.jpg
St Patrick's Day
. http://www.big-daddy.info/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/allgemein/st-patricks-day.jpg
Ring of Kerry
. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=kerry-ring-of-kerry-556.jpg
Kylemore Abby
. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=kylemore-abbey-connemara-3349.jpg
Cliffs of Moher
. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=cliffs-of-moher-klippen-kuste-1357.jpg
. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=clare-the-burren-1668.jpg
Temple Bar Dublin

. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=dublin-pub-temple-bar-2567.jpg
St Patrick Cathedral
. http://irish-net.de/files/stpatrick_cathedral.jpg
Giant's Causeway
. http://dein-foto-auf-irland.de/index.php?rex_img_type=tiles_popup&rex_img_dir=3&rex_img_file=giants-causeway-nordirland-klippen-1773.jpg
. http://irish-net.de/files/bushmills_distillery-1___karsten-thilo_raab.jpg
National Heritage Park
. http://irish-net.de/files/irish_national_heritage_park.jpg
Giant's Causeway
Bushmills - the home of Whiskey
National Heritage Park
St Patrick Cathedral
Temple Bar Dublin
Ring of Kerry
Kylemore Abby
Cliffs of Moher
capital of Ireland
largest city (500.000 citizen)
located on Ireland's east coast
National colour
"Emarald Isle"
people wear green on sports games or holidays

symbol of Ireland
three leaves are important
druids legends: sacred plant
Celtic: mystical
St Patrick: illustrated Trinity

Holiday on March 17th
anniversary of the death of Patrick
people wear green, parades, music and songs,
Irish food and drink, and activities for kids

national and first official language in Ireland
only a few people speak it (3% of Irish population)
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