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Ancient Japanese Occupations

No description

Joshua Williams

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Japanese Occupations

Different Occupations Gatherers and Farmers Artists Fishermen Pretty much every job in the ancient
world had some sort equipment to benefit
and help the people using them. Equipment Gatherers and Farmers Equipment Thank-you for listening By Casey Setch, Joshua Williams and
Nathan Symons In ancient Japan there were many
different and interesting occupations.
There were different jobs from hunters
all the way to artists.

Here is a list of some other ancient
occupations: The gatherers and Farmers were an
important part of ancient Japan. The
Gatherers came first before the farmers.
The system was the men would go out and
hunt, and the woman would stay home and
gather food like fruit. Then people started
farmer instead. It was more efficient. But a very Hard job. Japan was lush and full of life
There were many great places to fish
It was a Pretty good job The equipment that artists would have often used was clay rope and then they would bake it in an open fire. This method was used to make pots. Ancient Japan
Occupations Different occupations Fishermen
Artists There were also artists. These people would
make things like pots and then decorate them.
They would also paint paintings and weave
fabric to make pictures. Unfortunately alot of these pieces of art was lost and destroyed during World War II. Artists Equipment Gatherers wouldn't usually use any equipment.
They only really used their hands and maybe
a basket to put the items they collected into.
The farmers were pretty much the same. They
Used some equipment but not many. Most of the
farmers just used there hands to pull out stuff like sugar canes and have a basket to put them in. Fishermen The fishermen in ancient Japan usually used a fishing pole or stick with a piece of some sort of string attached. Or they would use spears and attempt to stab their fish.
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