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Day in the Life of a University Housing Employee

puzzle stlye

Ericka Stark

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Day in the Life of a University Housing Employee

Residence Life Continued
UWM Org Chart
What We Do & Who We Are
Room Inspections
Paint Crew
Conference, Intern & Guest Housing
Guest Housing:
3,700 participants with 33 groups
Service Desks
The Service Desks are our hub for each building.
Security is the "first to know" in our buildings.
Resident Assistants
Living Learning Communities
Map Works
Resident Due
Process Rights
Residence Life
University Housing
Day To Day
University Housing Office
Residence Life Coordinators
Resident Assistants
Academic Initiatives, LLC
Training Coordination
Live-In staff
Room Assignments
Accounts Payable
Service Desks
Conference/Intern/Guest Housing
North Campus
South Campus
Summer Operations
Crazy questions we are asked
University Housing Org Chart
Academic Initiatives
20 Full time custodians
25 part time student staff
7 Full time custodians (3 CC, 2 RV, 2 KNW)
19 part time student staff (15 CC, 3 RV, 1 KNW)
Room inspections are
conducted by the RA staff.

Residents are required attend a check-out appointment with their RA prior to vacating.
There are approximately
8,000 to 9,000 room inspections
done each year.
3 Different Types of Staff:
Trash Compactor
Commons Custodian
Tower/Hall Custodian
South Campus Staff:
Wears all hats.
Picture of a really dirty room
Contract Cancellations
Approximately1,800 during a fiscal year.
Who's my academic advisor?
Where are the walk in closets?
Can I bring my hunting bow?
What is the width of the closet shelves?
Can I bring my cat?
Can I pay my bill in quarters?
Can my roomate and I split a meal plan?
Can I sublease my space?
47 RAs in Sandburg
11 RAs in RiverView
17 RAs in Cambridge
Their job is to build relationships and develop community. One way they do that is through documenting conversations in MAP-Works software. They facilitate events for their residents based off the C.L.A.S.S model.
They also are required to:
*complete safety inspections
*emergency response
*work monitor shifts
*create bulletin boards/door decs

RAs are often the front lines to report (or teach
residents to report) maintenance, facility, and behavior concerns.
There are 19 different LLCs.
20-72 students in each
Several Academic Recognition Programs including:

Study Bucks, Golden Ticket, Peer Study Groups, West Honor Society, North Stars

The Residence Life Staff also collaborates with the Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) and the Student Success Center.
$20/semester collected from all housing residents
Money is used to create programs for residents.
The Student Housing Administrative Council, commonly referred to as SHAC, presents legislation to the Housing Director (based on
residents' concerns) to make improvements to student life here in the residence halls.
Considered community development within
the residence halls at UWM.
* Presumption of innocence
*A behavior meeting with Residence Life Staff in a timely manner
*Review of written report describing allegations and policy violations
*Present evidence and witnesses
*Right to Counsel (including an attorney)
*Notification of decision
*Right to appeal decision
Any Questions?
Contracts: Residence Halls
Common Sanctions in Response
to Housing Contract Violations
Warning Status
Contract Probation
Other Common Sanctions
Judicial Educator Module
C.A.R.D. Class- Choices About Responsible Drinking
A.C.E. Program- Alcohol and Your College Experience
Referral to Norris
Loss of Privileges - Host or Guest
Administrative Move
Loss of Privileges- General
Confiscation of Items
Common Area Damages
Non-Issuance of Future Contract
Banned Guest
One stop shop (students & staff)
We received appoximately over 5,100 contracts over a course of each fiscal year
Online process
Academic Year contract (not semester)
Approved & Unapproved reasons
Working in the next contract year
Guest Housing: People have come from all around the world, including, but not limited to:

Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, South Korea,Germany
France, West Bengal, Finland, Japan, China, Wales, Australia,
Taiwan, Ireland, Russia, Africa, Puerto Rico, Brazil,
South Africa,Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Netherlands,
Korea and Kuwait.

The Mail Room is busy and organized
The team receives and processes about 13,551 packages per semester.
They are almost never lost!
Common Scenarios
Key ins
Guest Check-in
Noise Complaints
Building tours
Lost keys
Policy violations
Typical Weekend (by the #'s)

Alcohol- 3
Drug- 9
Safety Self/Others- 9
Vandalism- 3
Disorderly Conduct- 2
Responsibility- 2
Info Only- 10
Type-In- 1
Visitation Rules- 2
Noise- 1
Safety-Facilities- 1
Contracts: Kenilworth Square Apartments
Approx. 200 new contracts each fiscal year
Contract is for academic year with option to buyout.
LLC topics vary from year to year.
Recent LLCs have included:

Architecture Sustainability
Panther Military
Local 2 Global

Lots of cross over between
residence life and
residential administration
1 Full Time Painter
Fall/Spring: 6 Part time student
Summer: 20 full time students
1 Full time Staff Member
1 Full Time Staff Member
Residence Halls are ran similar to a hotel.
Facilities completes large projects during our summer months, therefore staff numbers increase during summer months..
From move in to move out
Security Check-in, is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (exception at Kenilworth)
5 Maintenance Mechanics
1 Locksmith
Fall/Spring: 15 part time students
Summer: 35 Full Time Students
2 Full Time Employees
The "Face" of University Housing for most students and their families
Helping students enjoy their time here and fosters positive student development
Written Reprimand
Keeps buildings functioning
The Facilities team needs to keep the buildings in good repair.
Good facilities = Satisfied customers
Over 3,000 participants each summer in Sandburg Residence Halls
UCA/UDA (Cheer/Dance Camps)
Campus Programs
Athletic Camps
What is a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)?
The Residence Life Coordinator is a cross between your high school guidance counselor, the principal, and instructor/teacher, an emergency responder and a cruise director.
ultural Understanding - events and programs, forging partnerships with Inclusive Excellence Center
eadership Skills
Academic Success- MAP- Works, Living
earning Communities, Golden Ticket (POH), and Pass Tutoring- Evening Satellite locations in the Halls
ocial Connections- Fall Welcome, Winter Welcome, Family Weekend Resident Conversations, Events
ocial Responsibility- Behavior process, Sustainability/Recycling, Suitemate Agreements
Intern Housing
19 furnished apartments in Kenilworth, used for short term stays
Long term stays by Faculty, campus visitors, and families
Intern Housing
University Housing coordinates live in accommodations for summer interns for 30 different companies around the Milwaukee area. Over 300 interns live in Cambridge and Kenilworth during the summer.
Johnson Controls
Rockwell Automation
Marcus Corporation
Professional staff in Residence Life have master's degree(s) or are working on master's degree(s) in Student Affairs Administration. These professionals, study the development of university students, and help student staff (RAs) engage residents in conversations, events, and initiatives are designed to speed up or make progress in our student's development of skills.
Resident Accounts & Charges
Accounts Payable
(separate from purchasing)
Regular room inspections and room readiness
Capital project management
Groundskeeping & snow removal
Residence Life
Conference and Guest Housing
Behavior Process
Resident Assistants
Live-In Staff
Academic Initiatives
SHAC Leadership
Dr. Michael LaLiberte
Vice Chancellor of
Student Affairs
(parking, cash sales,
info dissemination)
(room and facility reservation)
Community Councils
North, South, West, East/Purin, Cambridge and RiverView each have their own councils.

These councils are composed of residents that create events for their specific community.

Divisional Units

Auxiliary Services
UWM Bookstore
Career Development Center
Center for Student Involvement
Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership
Children's Learning Center
Financial Aid Office
Dean of Students
LGBT Resource Center
Neighborhood Housing Office & COAST
Norris Health Center
Office of Enrollment Management
Restaurant Operations
Student Association
Student Union
Transportation & Safety

University Housing
University Recreation
Vice Chancellor's Office
Women's Resource Center

Room Changes
Financial Appeals

Room Accomodations
Inclusive Housing
New Student Orientations

Special Groups
Milwaukee Ballet
Milwaukee Rep
Briggs & Stratton Intern
Installment due dates

Each LLC’s students live in the same area (floor/wing) of the residence hall, and usually take a class together. There is no additional cost to be part of an LLC. Living in an LLC makes it easier to meet classmates, form study groups, and get involved in leadership opportunities. Students in LLCs report making friends faster, have higher GPAs, and graduate at a better rate, than students who do not live in LLCs.
As of July 1st, no longer accepts CASH
You can purchase: cable cords, stamps, misc items
Where our MATC & Faculty staff make payments on their account.
Yes, even parents need a guest pass to come in (no we don't care that THEY pay the bill).
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