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Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

No description

Jenna G

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure In Florida
By: Jenna Gould

New Attractions
To start off, one of the things that changed is the attractions. The newest ride is "Harry Potter and the Escape for Gringotts". The ride is in the Gringotts bank and is a 3D thrill ride in the Islands of Adventure park. During Halloween Universal Studios holds "Halloween Horror Nights". They now "feature 8 haunting mazes, 6 scare zones, and 2 live shows." Also, Universal Studios opened a new "Nighttime Water Show" it "celebrates 100 years of film making," MacDonald says it, "replays more than 200 clips from the movie studios' vault on a watery canvas on the theme parks lagoon." There has been a lot of interesting new attractions and surely more to come.
More Advanced Technology
Next, is the more advanced technology. An example is the new express pass. "Unlimited ride access at both parks to skip the regular lines at most rides and attractions again and again." And, instead of 3D there are 4D effects on rides and shows. 4D is when things seem as though they are right beside a person (like 3D) and they can feel effects such as wind and water. This is in the rides Minion Mayhem and Shrek 4D. To get into the parks they will take one's picture at one of the "spectacular on-site hotels" and put it on a card with a bar code. The guest swipes their card and the staff looks at the picture to make sure it is the right person. So, without this technology, the parks wouldn't run as smoothly.
Park Expansion
Lastly, the parks have expanded. For example, there wasn't always on-site hotels, so to put those in, they had to expand their property. There are 5 hotels "within walking distance" to the parks. Also, a train was put in to go from one park to the other. It is the Hogwarts Express that comes directly off platform 9 3/4. And, a guest can enter the small arena that is purely dedicated to the "celebration of art, technology and music that is the Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort." So, thanks to the expansions, guests have more to do and more room to do it.
"Vacation like you mean it", at Orlando's Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is in Orlando, Florida. Universal is a movie making company. The parks are most recognized by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the town of Hogsmeade. Like other amusement parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure has changed over the years with new attractions, higher technology, and expanded parks.

In conclusion, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Florida has changed a lot like the expanded parks, new attractions and higher technology. The area that "began to form by a combination of volcanic activity and the deposit of marine sediment", is now a popular amusement park. Universal is the perfect amount of thrill and relaxation one needs in a vacation. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is a great place to visit.
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