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Why are Sports so important to us in Today's Society

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Travis Kniep

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Why are Sports so important to us in Today's Society

Why Are Sports So Important To Us In Today's Society?
Social Media
Sports fans are now able to publicly show their opinions of teams and players for the whole world to see
They can even stay caught up with what their favorite players and teams are up to
Sports Fans even have the ability to get updates and highlights of games going on
Technology has changed vastly over the years and helped sports grow to what they are today
Sports fans don't even need to get up from their couches to watch or even play sports
Technological Advancements
Radio- allowed fans to listens to games from almost anywhere.
Television- allowed fans to watch their team from their own household
Computers and devices- Sports Fans can practically watch any competition from anywhere
Video Games- Sports fans can play as their favorite players and teams.
As a result of the media, sports play an important role in people's lives.
The Media is a big reason why sports are so popular
Sports even have their own magazines such as Sports Illustrated and many more that are dedicated only to the latest sports news and updates
Sports have also grown greatly because they are a huge part of T.V. Sports fans can watch sports content all day long on networks like ESPN
Human Nature
We are competitive by nature, and ever since our existence it has been survival of the fittest
It is in our nature to run and jump. Our bodies are meant for physical activity
What Sports do to us
Build character
Teach us how to work together as a team, and then use that skill in the real world
When you succeed in sports you feel good about yourself, and people use that confidence in the real world
In a World of Unfairness, Sports are Fair
Sports are black and white. When it comes to the rules, you know what you can and can't do
Life doesn't always have rules and we find comfort in something where the rules are clarified
Something magical is able to happen on the field or court that we don't always get in the real world
A team is able to make a comeback, or a player is able to make an incredible play
Give us hope
All this gives us hope that not only the game can turn around, but our lives
There may be rules, but there is always a chance something magical can happen
Pure Entertainment
Sometimes people's lives can get a little boring and repetitive
Sports give us that extra excitement
"Competition is one of the most basic functions of nature. Those best able to compete within an environmental niche survive. Those least well adapted die out. Competition remains a powerful instinctual drive in human nature. We compete against each other, we compete against ourselves, and we compete as groups against other groups."
-Kort E Patterson
Sports Fanatics are now able to combine the competition side of playing sports and the entertainment side of watching sports together through Fantasy Sports
Anyone can compete against other players by building their own team, and scoring points based on how the players do
Fantasy Sports
It is because of technology that sports has been able to grow and stay popular. As technology advances so will the growth of sports
Technology has made it easy for the viewing of almost any sport
For Example, the number of Super Bowl viewers has grown because of the fact that technology has made it so easy to view the game
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